Voice of the Campus|Convergence Media Junior Reporter – Wu Qiyou


. Hello everyone, I am Wu Qiyou from Class 203 of Qingyuan County Experimental Primary School. Today I will recite a paragraph for you “Immortal Populus euphratica”.

I was in love with the pine trees in Huangshan, and I was nostalgic in Changbai Mountain The white birch, but what impresses me the most is the immortal Populus euphratica! The desert stretches, the sand sea is vast, and it fills thousands of acres of blue lakes and thousands of miles of green rivers; it has swallowed countless iron-blooded men, and ruined countless tender women; city walls Collapsed, the village disappeared, and in the end, only Populus euphratica – standing magically and proudly in the boundless sea of ​​sand. The living are green and tall, the spring is full of vitality, and the autumn is dyed by the setting sun.

Thank you all!

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