[Vitiligo] Combined with whitening 1+1 greater than 2, compound glycyrrhizin tablets have good effect

Treatment of vitiligo, clinical data show that monotherapy tends to have slower treatment effect and longer repigmentation time for vitiligo. Combination therapy can give full play to the advantage of 1+1 greater than 2, effectively improve the effect of recoloration, and allow patients to recover faster. This is why doctors often recommend comprehensive treatment for vitiligo patients.

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A common drug used in the combined treatment of vitiligo


Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets

Drug Details Interpretation

Ingredients:Combination, each tablet contains Glycyrrhizin25mg, Glycine25mg, Methionine25mg

Efficacy: It has anti-allergic and immune-regulating effects, and can promote the proliferation of hepatocytes

Usage:Oral, 2-3tablets at a time, 3times a day, or as directed by a physician

What are the effects of compound glycyrrhizin tablets in the treatment of vitiligo?

1. Avoid long-term medication Damage to the liverVitiligo is not treated overnight. In the long-term medication process, it will cause a certain burden on the liver, thereby reducing the absorption of the drug and affecting the therapeutic effect. The compound glycyrrhizin tablets can improve liver function and protect the liver. It is an essential drug for vitiligo patients who have been taking medicine for a long time.

2. Play the role of adjuvant treatment of vitiligo As we all know, most vitiligo patients have low immunity and immune dysfunction. Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets have the effect of regulating immunity, which can improve the immune function of patients, so as to assist treatment and promote the effect of recoloration.

Advantages of compound glycyrrhizin tablet combination therapy p>

1. Combined with phototherapy, the effective rate is 91.4%

Clinical indications: The combined mode of phototherapy with acid glycosides +311narrow spectrumUVBultraviolet phototherapy has better curative effect than single ultraviolet irradiation. Results: The effective rate of whitening removal in the combined mode was 91.4%, and the effective rate of single ultraviolet phototherapy was 75.0%.

2. Combined with vitiligo pills, the effective rate is 93.2%< /span>

Clinical indication: >The combined mode of compound glycyrrhizin tablets+Vitiligo Pills for whitening is better than that of taking Vitiligo Pills alone.RESULTS: The effective rate of whitening removal in the combined mode was 93.2%, and the effective rate of taking Vitiligo Pills alone was 75%.

3, combined with psoralen, the effective rate is 81.25%

: Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets+Psoraleae injection combined to remove whitening, its curative effect is better than The effect of single injection of psoralen is good. RESULTS: The effective rate of whitening removal in the combined mode was 81.25%, and the effective rate of single injection of psoralen was 56.67%.

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