Uremia is “drag out”? Reminder: There are 2 stinks on the body, maybe the kidneys are calling for help

“I’m only 30 years old, and my career has just started. My wife was found to be pregnant last month, and the child has not yet been born. Now I have to rely on dialysis to survive. “

“My blindness and ignorance eventually led to bad results”

Chen Ping (pseudonym), 30 years old, is a deliveryman. I work very hard. Since I know my wife is happy, I work hard to prepare for the arrival of my little life.

But recently, Chen Ping felt obviously unwell. Not only was his complexion very bad, but he also had subconjunctival hemorrhage. Finally, he went to the hospital under the supervision of his wife.

After examination, it was found that his blood pressure was as high as 190/100mmHg, serum creatinine was 1632µmol/L, and hemoglobin was only 55g/L. , renal hypertension, renal anemia, etc., need to receive dialysis.

It turned out that Chen Ping went to the hospital for examination six months ago because of dizziness and headache. At that time, his blood pressure was as high as 190/100mmHg, and he developed a large amount of proteinuria and high serum creatinine. Diagnosed as kidney disease syndrome, and renal failure has developed.

However, he was discharged after a few days in the hospital and got better. After that, although he took the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, his blood pressure remained high. Because he was busy with work and wanted to save some money, he I didn’t go to the hospital for reexamination, and the final development of the disease led to this result.

It was only now that Chen Ping began to regret it. If he could have cared more about himself, maybe things would not have been like this.

First, many people’s uremia is “dragged” out

Uremia, many people should have heard of it, has a high incidence rate. According to the latest epidemiological survey, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease among adults in my country has reached 10.8%. Among them, there are about 1 million cases of chronic renal failure, and the end stage is “uremia”.

Uremia is the final stage of acute and chronic renal failure. Once it occurs, it can affect the nervous system, digestion, blood circulation, respiration, and urinary system.

Uremia is often “dragged” out, such as nephritis, congenital kidney disease, urinary tract stones, urinary tract infection, gout and other diseases , if not treated in time, it will evolve into uremia.

On the contrary, if these diseases are discovered and timely intervention can be made, the occurrence of uremia is likely to be prevented.

Especially for chronic kidney disease, if it is allowed to develop, when the nephron is severely damaged, the renal function will gradually and irreversibly decline until renal failure, and the final outcome is “uremia”.

The chronic kidney disease has a 1-2% chance of developing into uremia, and it can be effectively controlled with proper kidney disease management. But in life, many people don’t pay attention to some discomforts that appear in the body, which eventually leads to tragedy.

Second, when there are 2 “smells” on the body, be alert to uremia

uremia When it happens, the body will also send out some signals, such as these two places will “smelt”.

1. Ammonia smell in urine

One of the main functions of the kidneys is to excrete metabolic wastes in the body. When kidney disease occurs, it is not treated in time. , resulting in renal failure, a large number of metabolic wastes can not be excreted in time, including urea nitrogen and so on.

And if this substance accumulates in the body, it will react with the urease contained in the intestinal tract to form ammonia. This substance has a special ammonia odor, which leads to an ammonia odor in the urine.

2. The smell of urine exhaled from the mouth

When uremia occurs, due to the decreased ability to urinate, many patients will have anuria, resulting in toxins present in the body or blood.

It contains more urea, If it stays in the mouth for too long, it will decompose into ammonia gas, which will make the exhaled gas of the patient emit urine smell.

In addition, Professor Wang Jianye, president of Beijing Hospital, reminded that common symptoms of uremia also include abnormal urine (change in urine volume, foamy urine, etc.), edema, Back pain, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms, so when these symptoms appear, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Third, don’t want kidney disease to “drag” into uremia, and prevent it as soon as possible

The development of kidney disease to the end-stage is uremia, and early intervention and Treating kidney disease can help prevent uremia. To prevent uremia, try to do the following 3 points:

1. Timely treatment and regular review

Once kidney disease develops, timely standardized treatment is Effective measures to prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease to uremia.

After treatment, it is also very important to regularly check renal function, bilateral kidney B-ultrasound, blood electrolytes, blood pressure, urine routine, blood routine and other tests, which will help to understand the recovery of the disease and adjust it.

2. Adjust your lifestyle

In terms of diet, try to have a balanced diet to ensure high-quality protein, High-vitamin food (except vitamin A), low-phosphorus, low-fat, easy-to-digest diet;

In terms of sleep, try to keep enough sleep time to avoid overwork;

Be active in activities Participate in sports to boost immunity.

3. Do less behaviors that damage the kidneys

If you want to protect the kidneys, you must naturally do less behaviors that will damage the kidneys, such as holding back. strong>Urine, do not like to drink water, drink too much sugar-sweetened beverages, overwork, overwork, disordered work and rest, smoking, blind drug use, etc..

Summary: I don’t want chronic kidney disease to worsen and develop into “uremia”. When kidney disease occurs, it is necessary to actively treat and maintain kidneys Work, a two-pronged approach, can prevent uremia as much as possible.


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