Unlock the new gameplay of “Xiadu”, visit the Great Wall at night, and become a little chef in the hotel

Subject: Night Tour of the Great Wall

Location: Yanqing, Beijing

Content: Night Tour of the Great Wall; DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing Badaling Transformed into a Chef

Night tour of the Great Wall.

In summer, Beijing must go to Yanqing, the “summer capital”, to escape the summer heat. You can climb the Great Wall, ride in the Wild Duck Lake, or go hiking on Yudu Mountain. Not long ago, the Badaling Great Wall started a night tour, which is open to tourists every Friday, Saturday and statutory holidays, like a dazzling dragon. On the animation display walls along the way, there are also derivative animations of Meng Jiangnu, which are very popular among children.

Yanqing has mountains and rivers, Longqing Gorge was called “the ancient city of nine songs” in ancient times, and it was known as Beijing’s “Little Li River”. You can cross by boat and see all the beautiful peaks and mountains. The largest and only wetland bird nature reserve in Beijing, you can see swans, golden eagles, gray cranes and other birds, suitable for walking or cycling; Yudu Mountain is rich in spring water, lush flowers and plants, and there are about 11 kilometers of trails, you can walk Go to Wangyou Lake, one of the highest reservoirs in Beijing.

Kids Club.

It is recommended to stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Beijing Badaling. The hotel is 20 kilometers away from the Badaling Great Wall and adjacent to Longqingxia Scenic Area and Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park. The hotel has a double-tree double-bed room, which includes a queen-sized bed and a sofa bed, which is suitable for family travel. Children’s toiletries, bathrobes and slippers are also provided for the small guests. If you want to go out for hiking or camping, there are also high-value picnic baskets, including various snacks, you can replenish energy at any time.

Little firefighter experience activities.

Even while staying at the hotel, children can unlock all kinds of happiness. For example, ride the cartoon train with mom and dad, catch dolls in front of the children’s game console, or meet small animals in the atrium garden. What’s more interesting is that there are various experience courses here in the summer, allowing children to become little chefs and learn how to make doubletree cookies; become administrative butlers, learn to lay sheets and quilts, clean up the room, and fold small animals with towels; Become a little firefighter and learn how to save yourself in a fire under the guidance of a professional fire instructor.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Qu Xiaoyi

Editor Li Zheng

Proofreading Zhao Lin

Photo courtesy of the interviewee