Unfinished Green|Listening to the Rain in Autumn Night

Listening to the rain in the autumn night

Jiang Baobing

The autumn rain outside the window dripped, dripping on the eaves and grass, dripping on the grass The petals that are about to wither, banging on the window, appear more crisp in the middle of the night.

It was raining in autumn outside the window, and the night was fading. Under the lamp, I read Jiang Jie’s “Beauty Poppy·Listening to the Rain”: “A boy listening to the rain song upstairs, The red candles are dimly lit in the tent. In the prime of life, listening to the rain in the passenger boat, the river is broad and the clouds are low, and the geese call the west wind. Now listening to the rain under the monk’s house, the temples are already stars. The joys and sorrows are always ruthless, and before the steps, the drops will reach the dawn.” The sound of rain pattered, The words also corresponded to the mood at the moment, and I suddenly felt a sense of panic – middle-aged listening to the rain, hearing the vicissitudes of the years, hearing that the past has become a dream, hearing that the personnel are in a blur…

Spring rain belongs to ignorant teenagers. It is dense and continuous, fresh and pleasing to the eyes, unfamiliar with world affairs, and is curious about everything in the world. It quietly inquires about the news of spring from the earth, and then a spring rain covers the sky and the earth, putting this The world has become red and green, and spring is full of joy. Xia Yu belongs to young people, passionate and unrestrained. It is unstoppable, showing the characteristics of youth vividly in the wildest gesture, releasing passion and dreams.

The autumn rain belongs to middle-aged people. When you listen to the sound of the rain, it mellows down and changes a thousand times. Sometimes big and small beads fall on the jade plate, and sometimes it is noisy and chopped wrongly, ding ding dong dong, and pattering. Autumn rain is the most changeable, with rapid and slow interlacing, ups and downs, intermittent, like a song containing many emotions and thousands of sighs, I feel that every note has fallen to the heart. Listening with bated breath, it seems that I heard the whisper of the phoenix tree, the acapella sing of the plantain, the fierceness of the strong arms, the shock of the thunderbolt… It’s really moving!

Isn’t the autumn of life the same? Youth is gone, looking back on the mottled marks of the years, seeing that every imprint records the process of life from the wonderful to the dull, my heart is full of emotions. When a person reaches middle age, everything will stop. The innocence and naivety of the past have become distant dreams, and the pride and dreams of the past have also been shattered.

Just like Qiu Yu, she has restrained her flamboyant attitude and silently confided the various tastes of life. The autumn rain is pattering, as if in the vicissitudes of the fleeting years, in the inventory of all the triumphs and disappointments of life, all the tastes have been tasted, and then I understand that the plain is the true taste of life.

The autumn rain is still slowly drifting from the deep sky, and the autumn wind is also coming from thousands of miles away. It is the sound of wind and rain year after year, along with the low hum of crickets, that send away the glorious years, whiten the temples, and make life old.

About the author: Jiang Baobing, courtesy name Jianmei, owner of Jianmei, owner of Qingfengtang. Member of China Prose Association, member of the National Committee of Dezhou Writers Association, member of Dezhou Calligraphers Association; director of Yucheng Writers Association, editorial board member of “Yucheng Literature”.

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