Twenty-Four Solar Terms Moxibustion | Grain Rain Moxibustion: Strengthens the spleen and removes dampness, soothes the liver and nourishes the liver. Don’t bring Chen Ji to summer

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April 20th this year, Grain Rain, the last solar term of spring.

Grain Rain is one of the twenty-four solar terms and falls on April 19-21 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Grain rain is the last solar term in spring, which means that the cold wave weather is basically over, the temperature rises faster, and the precipitation increases significantly, which is conducive to the growth of cereal crops.

“Quanfang Pu” said: “Grain rain, the valley is born with rain”. Because of the moisturizing of the spring rain, the planting and growth of crops are also very smooth. “72 Phenology” said: “In mid-March, after the rain, the soil and plaster pulsated, and today it rains again and the grain is in the water.”The rain that rains here is the fourth reading. Sound, as a verb, means to nourish the grain with rain.

I. Grain Rain solar term health care

The rainfall increases before and after the Grain Rain solar term, the humidity in the air increases, and the moisture in the human body is not easy to be discharged. Combined with the internal heat of the body, it is easy to form damp heat and invade the spleen.

Guyu solar term moxibustion to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness, soothe the liver and detoxify, and invigorate the kidney and warm the yang is the most sensible choice. Because soon it will be the beginning of summer, the wheat ears will be filled, and the child will grow up, which is the time when the energy accumulated by the spleen and stomach is needed.

On the one hand, moxibustion can speed up the movement of moisture in the body, remove moisture, build a solid dam, prevent Moisture penetrates the human body!

At the same time, we should also seize the best time for detoxification in spring, do a good job in liver and gallbladder detoxification, soothe the liver and relieve depression, Introducing the old!

As the weather gets warmer, the qi and blood of the human body also go out with the yang qi to the body surface. The toxins that were sealed in the body in the last autumn and winter will also go out along the qi and blood to the body surface. sent out.

People with weak qi and blood, or old age, may not be able to send out even if they have a problem. I feel that there is phlegm but I can’t expel it, because the evil energy has already entered the body, and it is not so easy to push it out.

At this time, health maintenance should also adapt to the characteristics of solar terms, and timely moxibustion, dampness, and drainage Cold, invigorating the spleen and soothing the liver, so that the essence, qi and spirit are abundant, and the optimal state of yin and yang balance and viscera reconciliation is achieved. Before and after the Grain Rain, we should carry out Grain Rain health care according to the climatic characteristics. Lay the foundation for the arrival of summer and a year of health!

Second, why is the Grain Rain period the golden period for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness

Internal Classic of Traditional Chinese Medicine “It has been said in the four seasons of the year that each of the five internal organs corresponds to its own good season. Spring nourishes the liver, summer nourishes the heart, autumn nourishes the lungs, winter nourishes the kidney, and the last 18 days of each season belong to the earth, which should be used for the spleen and stomach

The last 3 days of the Qingming solar term, plus the fifteen days of the Grain Rain solar term, total 18 days. Therefore, people’s spleen and stomach transport and transformation function are strong at this time, which is the prone period of spleen and stomach diseases, and it is also the most suitable for nourishing the spleen

In other words, if you have no time to strengthen your spleen from 2021 until now, don’t miss the last 15 days

That is, 15 days before Grain Rain arrives at the beginning of summer, strengthening the spleen and removing dampness will be half the effect!

1. What are the symptoms of spleen deficiency and heavy dampness span>

* Easy diarrhea

*Swollen (swollen face, swollen legs): Spleen deficiency and poor transportation and transformation will cause fullness and fatness

*Big bags under the eyes

*Always feeling tired and heavy on my limbs< /p>

*Small belly is soft and fat (the more deficient the spleen is, the heavier the wetness, the weaker the pulse and the bigger the belly)

*Tense nervousness, mental anxiety

*Leucorrhea with a lot of odor

*Insufficient qi and blood (spleen and stomach turn qi and blood)< /span>

If you still have these symptoms, your days will be very sad if Gu Yu does not remove dampness.

2. Strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and detoxify, and do not bring Chen disease into summer

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the function of the spleen is strong, then our righteousness is strong , the body is naturally healthy. Therefore, Zhang Zhongjing said that “the spleen is prosperous in four seasons without evil”.

After the beginning of spring, “the liver is prosperous and the spleen is weak, and the spleen is trapped by the liver wood!” After the Grain Rain, Liver qi is stagnant, heart qi is gradually exuberant (early summer belongs to the heart), and the spleen soil also enters a period of exuberance (long summer belongs to the spleen).

It is still necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach in the diet, and do not eat cold drinks. While following the principle of “less acid and more sweetness”, it is advisable to consume more products that strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, such as yam, red bean, and coix seed.

Moxibustion for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness: Yinlingquan, Yinbai, Zusanli, etc.< /span>

Third, soothe the liver, nourish the liver and prevent anger

Prevent liver hyperactivity, need to extinguish fire

During the Grain Rain season, the natural yang qi rises sharply, and the spring yang is endogenously generated in the liver, which can easily lead to hyperactivity of liver yang, which in turn easily induces “spring fire”, commonly known as “getting hot”.

To prevent the “spring fire”, in addition to avoiding staying up late and wearing a moderate “spring cover” in clothing, Attention should be paid to nourishing liver qi, regulating emotions, suppressing anger and nourishing the liver to prevent the emergence of “spring fire”.

Liver Qi occurs when Grain Rain reaches its peak. At this time, many people will experience: dizziness, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, eye congestion, yellow eyeball, neuralgia in both ribs… According to the Chinese medicine “spring nourishing liver” point of view, Carry out liver and gallbladder detoxification in time, and seize the opportunity to regulate liver blood.

Spring health-soothing moxibustion: Ganshu, Pishu, Taichong, Zusanli and other acupoints

Fourth, Guyu solar term moxibustion health care acupoints can be selected:< /p>


< span> “The Selection and Interpretation of Meridian Points” says: “Zhongwan acupoint is in the stomach, where the lesser curvature of the stomach is located”. Therefore, it can basically be used to treat all diseases of the spleen and stomach. Not only that, it is also a meeting of the fu-organs, so it is very important for the six fu-organs. All diseases have a certain curative effect. When taking acupoints, take the supine position, and the pressure is often sore.

Ai Moxibustion in the stomach and stomach invigorates the spleen, reduces the stress and diuresis. Slowly, the appetite will improve a lot.

< span>Shenque

The God Tower is the navel. Also known as the navel, it is the key point on the Ren meridian.


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Zusanli Point is 3 cun under the eye of the outer knee, 1 finger lateral to the anterior tibial crest, on the tibialis anterior muscle. When selecting acupoints, measure 4 horizontal fingers from the outer knee to the eye, which are the key points for human health care.

Sanyinjiao: invigorating spleen and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis span>.

Spleen: dampness Sheng Qing, spleen and stomach, Qi and Yang.

Taibai: It belongs to the original point on the spleen meridian and is also the big point for tonifying the spleen< /strong>.

After the Grain Rain, the rainfall increases in various places, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. The human body adjusts itself to adapt to the changes in the internal environment and the external environment, and maintains the normal functions of the various organs of the human body.

Exercise properly, keep a comfortable mind and a broad mind, massage and rub the key acupoints to remove dampness – Yinlingquan 60 times in the morning and evening, or choose Use cupping and scraping to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. “All diseases can cause Sha”, Guyu solar term cupping and scraping, choose head scraping, middle rib scraping, back scraping and cupping, In order to adapt to the characteristics of spring, it can promote the old and bring forth the new, dredge the meridians, raise the yang qi in the body, relieve the liver qi, and eliminate dampness.

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