Turning off the lights and looking at your phone can damage your eyes

This article is reprinted from: Guangming.com

Many people like to swipe their mobile phones before going to bed. What damage does looking at the mobile phone screen in the dark do to the eyes? Pang Long, director of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that although it will not cause immediate blindness, it is harmful to the eyes. In the dark environment at night, the screen of the mobile phone will generally dim the brightness intelligently. At this time, the pupil will be dilated. For people with a shallow anterior chamber or a narrow angle, or a person with an early stage of angle-closure glaucoma, the pupil will be dilated. It will close the angle of the chamber, cause increased intraocular pressure, or induce acute glaucoma attacks. If the brightness of the mobile phone screen is not dimmed in a dark environment, long-term strong light or strong light with a large contrast with the environment will cause chronic light damage to the macula, which will endanger vision.

Pang Long suggested that when you frequently brush your phone and feel visual fatigue, you can apply hot compresses on or around the eyes, which can improve blood circulation, relieve extraocular muscle fatigue and ciliary muscle spasm, and also promote tear secretion. Improve or eliminate dry eye symptoms and eye discomfort. It is also possible to use traditional Chinese medicine to warm the meridians, clear the meridians, and fragrant orifices. Use Chinese herbs such as wormwood to make hot packs and apply them to the eyes. It is enough to apply hot compresses to the eyes for 10-15 minutes each time. It is safer to control the temperature at 38°C-42°C. When used by children, it needs to be under the supervision of an adult. (Min Wen)