Trying to lose weight, but the weight hasn’t changed? If you don’t understand these 3 basic knowledge, don’t try to lose weight

Difficulty losing weight? Maybe you have worked hard enough, but if you use the wrong method or don’t have enough knowledge, you will do a lot of useless work… Today I will share with you 3 reliable weight loss knowledge, which is the foundation of the foundation. Hope you can get hold of it.

One, the calorie difference is not the bigger the better

Many people know the principle of losing weight: control calorie intake less than calorie expenditure. But what I want to tell you today is that everything has a degree, and the calorie difference is not the bigger the better.

Because if you eat very little, for a long time, it will lead to a decline in metabolism. Once you resume your diet, it will easily cause a rebound; lack of energy intake, if your exercise is just too large If you do, it will cause muscle loss, which is also very unfavorable for weight loss – weight loss is to lose fat and retain muscle; and such exercise must be difficult to persist for a long time.

Suggestion: If you want to lose weight, make a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories per day. Although you may not lose weight that fast, it is easy to stick to it and you will lose weight sooner or later. .

Two, whether weight loss is effective, not just weight

Have been losing weight for a long time, and seeing no change in weight, many people are confused, what is going on? Are you “God’s Chosen Fatty”? In such a situation, please don’t rush to deny yourself or simply give up, because if you don’t lose weight, it’s not necessarily a failure to lose weight, it’s probably a success.

Losing weight is not the same as losing weight. When you get on the scale, the number you weigh is the sum of your body’s bones, muscles, fat, water, etc. Therefore, your daily weight change is actually affected by many factors, such as the food you eat today, the water you drink, and even before and after going to the toilet, there will be a big difference in weight. However, the real weight loss is to lose fat and reduce body fat rate.

For the same weight of muscle and fat, the former is smaller than the latter. Therefore, even if there is no change in body weight, if the body fat rate is reduced, or the measurements are reduced, it is thin.

Third, there is no food that can make you lose weight by eating

Many people, when they first started to control their diet, not only easily fell into the misunderstanding of dieting and weight loss, but also thought that they could lose weight by eating certain foods, such as apples, eggs, oatmeal, etc.

Truth: There is no such thing as a diet that will help you lose weight. You know, except for plain water, any food has calories. That said, any food depends on how much you eat.

In addition, although some foods are recommended to eat more when losing weight, such as cereals, potatoes, proteins, vegetables and fruits, if you only eat a certain type of food, you will be malnourished. It’s also bad for weight loss.

The key to diet control when losing weight, in addition to controlling calories, it is recommended to eat everything to ensure a balanced nutrition.