True | “Li Yifeng was released back to the company, fans will never leave” the video leaked? All are old videos

Verified by: True Team

On September 26, a video of “Li Yifeng was released back to the company” circulated on the Internet. The accompanying text said, “On September 24, some gossip media captured the latest news of Li Yifeng’s release from the detention center. Li Yifeng, who got out of the car that day, was in very poor condition, and he didn’t even lift his head during the whole process.” He also said, “There are still a lot of girls coming to him, and fans are still choking and shouting ‘Feng Ge Come on!'” ​​​

After checking and comparing Li Yifeng’s dress and venue logo, it can be confirmed that this video was filmed in May 2020 at the VIP Building Hotel in Hengdian. At that time, Li Yifeng was filming the TV series “Mirror Twin Cities”. . Therefore, the statement that “Li Yifeng was released back to the company” is purely fabricated.

In addition to the widely circulated video above, there is also a video circulating today, saying, “Li Yifeng went back to his hometown after being released! Shaved and haggard, fans have no face to respond to each other at the airport”.

After investigation, this video is also an old video. The original video was filmed and uploaded by fans in December 2019, so the statement that “Li Yifeng returned to his hometown after being released” is also fabricated.