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Text/Huang Peishu

Lugou is a natural mountain spring stream about 12 kilometers long. In addition, there are countless black tadpoles growing in the water, and there is also a small silver fish about two inches across, which seems to be happy with the swimmers. I like the word “Lugou” to understand it: Luyezhigou. Those who have good deeds wrote a couplet cloud: Muzi Huansha looks at Lugou Xiaoyue… It’s right to think about it, there is water in a thousand rivers, a thousand rivers and a moon, and on the bright night of March and May, why isn’t Lugou nowhere to see the moon?

The so-called bamboo sea refers to bamboos of various varieties such as Nanzhu, Cizhu, Banzhu, Kuzhu, Zizhu, Jinzhu, etc., which rise and fall along the ditch, occupy the mountain and grow to their heart’s content.

On the morning of the check-in day, when my wife and I were walking from Marshal Well to Yuyaguan, we suddenly saw a tall golden nanmu tree standing beside the road. Come on, bright eyes. The beauty of the occasional nanshu in the bamboo bushes should be said to be “the pearl hidden in the jade” in the face! Looking up at the blue sky and the blue sky, my heart is clear.

Go up to Yuya Pass (recorded as Yuya Pass in many places), after noon, the breeze rises, and the whole body is comfortable. Looking up, in the blue sky, a cloud made of rain was cruising over, as if it had landed on the top of the bamboo. Looking around, the western Sichuan Mountains, the peaks stretch, overlooking the Lugou, it is like a dragon lying in the mountains. “There are many white clouds in the mountains, and the bamboo and clouds grow together in the forest.” When I came across such a poetic sentence in my mind, it was a dream come true!

As I swim and walk, it gets dark. This night in the deep mountains, it was dark early and surprisingly quiet. The mountains are dark, and the street lamps of the farmyard surrounded by the night look like a sleeping giant. Except for the murmur of a babbling creek in front of the door, which indicated that time was still flowing gently, everything else seemed to be hidden.

Lugou Bamboo Sea is a place worth savoring. The Lion Bridge is also a scene, and it should have been a road sign before the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A weathered stone tablet stood alone on the side of the road, looking down for a ditch, and saw a stone lion with its head down and its tail up, among the three zhang-long stones, standing on the side among the wild grass, with a sense of vicissitudes. Then I think of the words of the unknown poet on the stone tablet: “Yuyaguan is closed to watch the years, and the lion bridge is in the spring and autumn.” It is also appropriate.

The most commendable feature of Lugou Bamboo Sea is the sword test stone, which is amazing at first sight. The square stone that was more than ten feet tall was as smooth as a piece of tofu that had been cut open by a sharp knife. As the saying goes: “Cut tofu with a quick knife, and both sides will be smooth.” Use it here, and you won’t be deceived! Legend has it that this is the Heavenly Official’s Sword Test Stone, but I don’t know if it was created by the Heavenly Official or by human beings.

There are many boulders in the Lugou area of ​​Yuguan. If this happens, it must have encountered some magical power. However, whether it is natural or human, it shows the special art and special ingenuity of creation. In his heartbeat, he improvised a limerick: “Sigh the magic while trying the sword stone, and the fortune is really amazing. The sharp blade cuts the boulder open, attracting future generations to leave footprints.”

In the following days , I deeply felt the rainy side of the mountains. In the morning after a night of rain, the forest and mountains are bright and moist, the leaves and leaves are drooping, and the flowers are full of tears, which makes people feel pity; up. Walking in the mountains, the fragrance of bamboo leaves is mixed with the fragrance of Chinese roses, which refreshes the mind and makes you feel that your mind is transparent, clear, and hearty and extraordinary. Sleeping and dusty dreams have disappeared, and the beautiful feelings are no longer the way of outsiders.

Lugou Bamboo Sea is a place suitable for casual travel. Compared with the Bamboo Sea in southern Sichuan or the Chashan Bamboo Sea in Yongchuan, this Bamboo Sea inhabiting the edge of the Chengdu Plain and the lofty mountains in western Sichuan is a pocket-sized or simplified scenic spot. There is no bamboo epiphyte such as bamboo fungus, bamboo eggs, bamboo placenta, bamboo belly, etc., but there are lush green coverings in the mountains, the gurgling of mountain springs, the chirping of birds, fresh air, fresh flowers, and colorful butterflies. .

What is even more rare is that it is a good place to rest your soul without the bustling and hustle and bustle of tourist attractions and tourist attractions.

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Huang Peishu, a member of Sichuan Writers Association and a member of China Railway Writers Association. He has published poems, novels and essays in Chinese newspapers and periodicals under the pseudonyms of A Pei, Maoxiang, Hetian, and Zhuangjian Scholar. He has published a collection of essays, “Landscape Trees in Life”, “Walking on Songs” and so on.

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