Travel and vacation, don’t forget to be safe

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Travel and vacation, don’t forget to be safe when “playing”

Do it in your heart There are a few that don’t say go.

At the peak of summer travel, tourists have fallen from high altitudes in many scenic spots in China, and related scenic spots and scenic spots have also been closed for rectification, and production safety has been comprehensively investigated and rectified, and the safety of tourism and vacation. once again become the focus of attention.

“Recently I saw a few videos of people falling off the device or the mountain while traveling, which scared me to give up the idea of ​​trying things like bungee jumping.” Ms. Ma, who is planning a summer trip with her best friend told reporters. In a video posted by the video platform, a group of tourists are climbing through a small road dug on the cliff. One part of the road can only accommodate tourists squatting, and there is even a part of the road that has no safety measures such as railings at all. A tourist accidentally slipped under a cliff. Many netizens said that the video took place at a climbing spot in Wuyi Mountain. Fortunately, the tourists were successfully rescued later.

Recently, there have been incidents of tourists falling, injured or even killed in the “Step by Step” project in many scenic spots in China, and videos related to tourism safety incidents have also begun to be pushed in large numbers on short video platforms. The reporter learned in the interview that similar tourism safety problems are mainly divided into two categories: the first type mainly occurs in “wild routes” and “wild scenic spots”. The other category appears in formal scenic spots, due to equipment damage or inadequate maintenance, staff illegal operations or work mistakes, resulting in unexpected situations.

In view of the “wild route”, Coach Zhang, who has been engaged in outdoor training and mountaineering for many years, analyzed that many tourists who are unwilling to travel together and like to pursue excitement are very longing for “wild mountains”, “wild lakes” and “wild rivers” , especially after seeing the videos and circles of friends posted by some mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts, they are even more attracted to them. However, it is not uncommon for donkeys to climb the “wild mountain” and get trapped or injured, and finally have to ask for help from the rescue team. For undeveloped routes, even professional mountaineering, hiking or extreme sports enthusiasts have to go through a long period of information research, on-site step-by-step, and program design before departure, and the early step-on process will be equipped with a large number of professional equipment and advance in advance. Reported to relevant departments, it is not the kind of trip that many tourists think “just go”.

For formal commercial scenic spots, industry insiders said that although various projects in formal scenic spots have protective measures, there are also fresh and exciting projects such as suspension bridges, high-altitude bungee jumping, cliff swings, and ropeway trapeze. Certain risks, the maintenance of facilities and equipment, the professional level of the staff, the standardized process of on-site operations, the cooperation and safety awareness of tourists, and even the weather and temperature, etc., will affect the safety of the game. Therefore, it is recommended that tourists must understand and pay attention to the operation instructions, risk reminders, operation specifications and other safety-related information of the project in detail before “playing”, and purchase relevant insurance in advance if necessary. At the same time, it is also hoped that scenic spots will maintain facilities and equipment, train and manage staff in strict accordance with relevant regulations for projects with high safety risks, so as to ensure the personal safety and tour experience of the majority of tourists.