Tongji Hospital medical team stationed in Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcai Hospital to treat the first batch of new crown infected patients

Caption: Photo courtesy of the first batch of patients admitted by Tongji Hospital’s medical team in Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcai Hospital (The same below)

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Gao Yang) On the evening of the 17th, the medical team of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University was admitted to the Fangcai Hospital on Tianhua Road, Jinshan The first batch of 168 new crown infected patients in D class. This is the second time that the medical team of Tongji Hospital has taken over as the organizer and medical team of the Fangcang shelter hospital after entering the Fangcang shelter hospital in the World Expo Exhibition Hall and the Xincaoyang Fangcang shelter hospital in Putuo District according to the unified deployment of the superior. Modular hospital.

Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcai Hospital has four cabins and 5,030 beds. On April 10th, the management team led by Liang Aibin, vice president of Tongji Hospital, went to Jinshan to take the lead in organizing the preliminary construction of Jinshan Fangcang shelter hospital. The construction team clarified the job responsibilities, repeatedly optimized the process, and paid close attention to the construction progress. The two sides coordinated and cooperated to form a joint force, which finally ensured the smooth opening of Jinshan Fangcai Hospital according to the time node and target requirements.

After the Tongji Hospital medical team surveyed the construction site of Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcang shelter hospital, Combined with the previous work experience in the World Expo Exhibition Hall and Xincaoyang Fangcang shelter hospital, we made optimization and adjustment to the preliminary construction of Jinshan Fangcang shelter hospital. conditions; pay attention to the details of bed power consumption, and strictly observe the fire safety line of defense in the cabin; further optimize the logistics and material support sectors, carry out fine management in equipment maintenance, cleaning and killing, monitoring equipment room, etc., and strengthen operation efficiency; make full use of intelligent information technology, Improve the scan code process to enhance the patient isolation experience; attach importance to the quality of life of patients, upgrade hardware facilities such as toilets and washrooms, and ensure that living materials are properly prepared.

In addition, the medical nursing team of Tongji Medical Team has also made new arrangements for the medical staff of the new shelter: establish a joint working mechanism and an expert inspection system to ensure that patients in the shelter can Full coverage, no dead ends; at the same time, optimize the process and method of hospital sense, clarify each step and detail, and conduct strict assessments to help team members quickly adapt to the new environment.

Liang Aibin, commander-in-chief of Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcai Hospital and leader of Tongji Hospital’s medical team, said: “After five days and four nights of pre-construction work, we successfully opened the cabin. When the epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai was the most difficult, our next goal is to help the infected recover as soon as possible, so that everyone can go home safely and smoothly.”

It is reported that Jinshan Tianhua Road Fangcai Hospital has a total of 1,440 beds in Class D, and it is expected that the remaining beds will be filled in the next few days.