Tomorrow’s Grain Rain: Cherish the last wave of detoxification energy in spring

There is a saying: “Clear and clear snow, Grain rain and frost.” Now the arrival of the Grain Rain solar term basically means the end of the spring cold and the arrival of warmth.

In the Grain Rain season, the rate of natural temperature rise and the number of rainfall will also start to increase rapidly. Vegetables or rice, or duckweed algae in ponds and rivers, they will usher in a rapid growth period.

In addition, as the last solar term in spring, Grain Rain also plays a very important role in health preservation; “The spleen is also the soil, and it controls the center. It is often used in four seasons to grow the four viscera, and each eighteen days is sent for treatment, and it cannot be dominated by the season.” That is to say, the last eighteen days of each season are the officials of the season (chun The liver, summer to the heart, autumn to the lungs, winter to the kidneys) and the spleen work together.

Therefore, Grain Rain not only has the characteristics of spring, but also has the stabilizing power of spleen soil. After the two cooperate, our body will show A good situation of “nothing but wood”.

Therefore, in this Grain Rain, because of the help of liver wood and spleen earth, this time is a very suitable “detoxification opportunity”, Therefore, those who want to stay healthy, please make full use of these fifteen days of Grain Rain.

Late spring and early summer, first learn Guyu health exercises

As the ancestors said: “If you want to nourish, you must first move.” Well-preservation is not a quiet knowledge, so those “healthy prescriptions” that can’t be seen are not the real “healthy prescriptions”. Speaking of “moving”, in fact, each solar term has its own unique “moving” method.

For example, during the Grainy Rain season, our best actions should be “flexion and extension, twisting, tensioning and turning.” In the process of turning to the side, the linkage between the various parts of the body can be strengthened, thereby improving the health of the spleen and stomach, and at the same time, the qi and blood of the human body can be regulated.

When doing the Grain Rain Health Exercise, it should be noted that when we are doing the exercise, the movements should be as delicate as possible, so as to enter into the interlocking In the rhythm of the rhythm, at the same time, because of the silent, nourishing and quiet characteristics of Gu Yu, so while doing exercises, it should be as natural and kind as the rain moistens all things.

Form 1:

The essentials of action: Sit upright, with both hands Cover the knees naturally, breathe evenly at this time, and relax your body as much as possible. Then raise both arms to the right and turn your head to the right. At this time, the left hand should be placed 3 to 4 cm below the right chest. Remember to keep the palm up, the right arm should be flush with the shoulder, and the right palm should be facing Down.

Formula II:

Movement essentials: Turn the left palm inward and gently stick it under the right chest, while the right palm is driven by the middle finger, and when the palm stands up, it is in the shape of “Xumi palm” in the picture. At this point, the palm is facing to the right, and the fingertips are pointing up.

The third formula:

The essentials of action: raise the right arm up, Raise the right palm above the head, palm up, fingertips to the left, and then turn the head and neck to the left. Then look at the left side, move slightly slowly, and finally turn the left palm outwards and end with the palm facing up.

Form 4:

The essentials of action: extend the right arm sideways, Then drop down to the level of the shoulder, and then keep the “Xumi” shape of the left palm unchanged. At this time, the palm is facing the right and the fingertips are pointing up. Then stretch your right palm and stretch your fingers so that the palm is down and the fingertips are facing to the right.

Form 5:

The essentials of action: drop both arms, follow Extend it to the side until it is level with the shoulders, with the palms facing down. Finally, sink your shoulders and drop your elbows, loosen your wrists and relax your fingers, and return to your whereabouts. At this time, the hands are over the knees, and the body should be relaxed. Then lift both palms to the left, and repeat the previous action to the opposite position. After the left and right groups are done three times each, it can end.

Gu Yu 2 Supplements: Eating Equivalents Equals Detoxification

First Tonic: Tonic for the Kidneys

The arrival of the Grain Rain season means that the spring has come Quietly entered the end, so within the fifteen days of Guyu, the humidity will further increase, and the dampness in the human body may also gradually accumulate at that time. It is well known that wetness corresponds to water, and once a person is “wet”, it is mostly caused by too much water in the body and the body cannot function.

And speaking of the function of running water and gas, then of course we cannot ignore the health of our kidneys. In fact, people with a lot of “wet” bodies are burdened by their kidneys. is very heavy. And once the kidneys are overburdened for a long time, then people will inevitably feel deeply tired, so that there will be a feeling of “powerlessness” when doing anything. So as soon as the Grain Rain arrives, it is our “time to nourish”

Speaking of nourishment during the Grain Rain, it is not based on “meat” as in winter , This is mainly because the purpose of nourishing at this time is mainly to “transport kidney water and expel dampness evil”, so the difference between spring nourishing and winter nourishing is that winter nourishing emphasizes nourishment, while spring nourishing emphasizes “transportation”, so spring nourishing The ingredients are mainly to remove dampness and strengthen the body, so naturally, various beans and barley are involved.

As for beans and glutinous rice, here we suggest that you can try to cook a “Guyu Drainage Porridge” to eat at home. If not, you can refer to the following practice:

< p data-track="26">Gu Yu Drainage Porridge

Material Preparation: Red Bean, Black Bean , 30 grams of mung beans, 50 grams of barley, 1000 ml of water

Step 1: First prepare a casserole (you can also use an iron pot if you don’t have it), Then pour the three kinds of beans and barley into the pot and soak in warm water for 2 hours.

< /img>

Step 2: Then remove the water in which the beans were soaked, and then pour in clean water Stew.

Step 3: Boil on high heat until boiling, then turn to low heat and simmer for an hour. Don’t forget to stir the bottom of the pot with a spatula to prevent the pot from burning.

Step 4: According to personal needs, add rock sugar (if you want to be sweet) or brown sugar (if you want to nourish qi and blood), then stir, The beans and barley are evenly mixed and ready to serve.

Second tonic: A tonic that strengthens the spleen

During the Grain Rain season, as the temperature increases, those who usually accumulate heat and food in the stomach and intestines, once they eat improperly during this season, it is very easy to anger the upper body, and then have diarrhea, vomiting and other problems. Therefore, you might as well eat more vegetables that clear away heat during the Grain Rain season, or foods that can tonify the qi and nourish the five internal organs. For example, lentils and Poria are especially suitable for consumption at this time.

With regard to Poria, the “Medicine Heart Method” points out that “Poria is the holy medicine for dehumidification.” In addition, “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” records that Poria “takes it for a long time to reassure the soul. Refreshing the mind”, alternate between spring and summer, eat Poria, it can also benefit water and dampness, strengthen the spleen and soothe the nerves.