Tomorrow Guyu, eat like this with Chinese medicine! Stay away from dampness, keep the liver healthy and the spleen and stomach full, the whole family is less sick, and the summer is healthy

Tomorrow’s Grain Rain

Grain Rain is the sixth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term in spring. Grain rain is taken from the meaning of “rain produces a hundred grains”. At this time, the precipitation increases significantly, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. While nourishing the liver, we should also pay attention to strengthening the spleen and removing dampness to prevent dampness from invading the body.

Guyu Health is the season of eating Grain Rain, folks have the custom of eating spring and drinking Grain Rain tea. What is the guiding significance for our health care?

Gu Yu drinking tea

Guyu tea is green in color, rich in vitamins and amino acids, and has a pleasant aroma. Legend has it that the tea of ​​Guyu on this day will clear fire, ward off evil spirits, and improve eyesight.

The most suitable time for this season is green tea, which not only protects the liver, but also has antibacterial properties. It can enhance the liver’s detoxification function, improve immunity, and regulate the body’s fat metabolism. In “Healthy Kitchen”, Mr. Zhang Jin also recommended us a cup of healthy tea suitable for the Grain Rain season.

Method: 5 grams each of yam, tuckahoe, dried tangerine peel, Zhuru, and malt, and decocted in water to replace tea at will. Chinese yam invigorates the spleen and stomach, Poria invigorates the spleen and removes dampness, tangerine peel soothes the liver and promotes qi and resolves phlegm, Zhuru clears phlegm heat, dissipates yellow phlegm, raw malt soothes the liver and promotes qi, and stir-fried malt invigorates the spleen and eliminates food.

Before and after eating the Spring Grain Rain, the mellow and refreshing aroma of toona sinensis has high nutritional value, so there is a saying that “the toona sinensis is as tender as silk before the rain”. People say that picking and eating Chinese toon in spring is “eating spring”.

Reminder: Toon sprouts are blanched in water for about 1 minute to remove more than two-thirds of nitrates and nitrites, which can be eaten with confidence. Toon Stalled Eggs is a classic spring food, but many people have some troubles when making this dish: the toon is not easy to be cooked, the taste is not fragrant enough, etc. The chef told us that to make this classic dish delicious, the egg’s Both frying and blanching of Chinese toon are particular.

Guyu solar term, prevent moisture. This solar term increases the amount of rain, and the humidity increases, which is prone to problems such as weakness of the spleen and stomach, allergies, emotional disorders, neck and joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, beriberi, etc. , can also be combined with other health care methods.

01Acupuncture point

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eliminating dampness starts with strengthening the spleen and invigorating the spleen. Yinlingquan is the joint point of the spleen meridian, and it is also a key point for dampness. Find the face bone of the calf, push it from the bottom to the top, and push it to the bend of the face bone, which is Yinlingquan.

Frequently pressing and rubbing this acupoint will help strengthen the spleen and remove dampness.

02 A sachet

Chief Physician Zhang Jingchun of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, recommended clothing therapy from the Qing Palace, and taught us a sachet that we can make at home.

Method: 3 parts of mugwort leaves, 2 parts of Huoxiang, 1 part of Angelica dahurica, 0.5 parts of borneol, 2 parts of Atractylodes, put them in a sachet, and put them in places where the fragrance is easy to emit, such as pillows, desks, and wear with you Wait, the effect of breaking the herbs will be better. Replace it every 10 days, or when it is odorless.

Artemisia argyi warms the meridian and dredges the meridian, Huoxiang dissolves dampness inside and outside, Angelica dahurica dispels wind and removes dampness, clears orifices and relieves pain, borneol fragrant opens orifices, and Atractylodes sinensis is bitter and warm to dry dampness.

Grain rain, prevent three kinds of diseases

01 Anti-fire

In the Grain Rain season, the natural yang qi rises sharply, which can easily arouse the internal heat accumulated in the human body and generate anger, which in turn induces the common spring bleeding in the nasal cavity, gums, respiratory tract, skin, etc., as well as headaches, dizziness, red eyes and other diseases. This is the so-called Fire in spring.

In the diet, you can eat some pears, mulberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter gourd, juicy vegetables, purslane, celery, kelp and other ingredients that help to clear heat and nourish yin.

02 Hypoallergenic

There are many pollen and catkins before and after Grain Rain, so attention should be paid to preventing hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, etc.

In addition to wearing a mask and staying away from allergens, people with allergic rhinitis can often press the Yingxiang acupoint on both sides of the nose. Massaging this point can promote the blood circulation in the nose and change the local blood circulation, so as to achieve the effect of clearing the nose orifice and relieve symptoms such as nasal congestion and sneezing.

03Anti-spleen and stomach diseases

During the Grain Rain solar term, the spleen and stomach are strong, but if the diet is not appropriate, it is also a period of high incidence of spleen and stomach diseases. Daily diet should pay attention to eat less cold, spicy food, not overeating, it is best to quit smoking and drinking.

The Grain Rain solar term arrives, and the rain is gradually increasing.

Take an umbrella when you go out and don’t take off your sweater.

Drink more warm water and eat more fresh fruits.

Frequently eat vegetables and vegetables, disease will see you hide.

Smile in everything, health is better than living Buddha.

(Healthy Kitchen)