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How to stay healthy in the beginning of autumn

Yu Ruoxi

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Raise Yin clears dryness and moistens lung qi

Dry in autumn, dry qi hurts the lungs, consumes body fluids, causes dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, dry stools, skin Symptoms such as dryness. Therefore, it is necessary to moisten dryness, nourish yin, and moisten the lungs. Appropriate consumption of soft foods such as sesame, honey, lily, almonds, dairy products, etc., can benefit the stomach and promote fluid, which is good for health. It is advisable to drink more water, porridge, soy milk, and eat more radishes, lotus roots, water chestnuts, pears, etc.

Coarse grains and beans for clearing heat and removing dryness: oatmeal, yellow millet, corn, mung beans, white kidney beans, etc.;

Seasonal fruits and vegetables< /strong>: radish, green leafy vegetables, lotus root, taro, pumpkin, pear, persimmon, grape, citrus, jujube, water chestnut, etc.;

Yin nourishing and moisturizing meat food : Duck meat, river fish, river shrimp, etc.

You can remember these 3 points in the beginning of autumn to nourish your lungs< /strong>

1. The best time to nourish the lungs: 7 am to 9 am

one day The best time to nourish the lungs is from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, when the lung function is the strongest, it is best to do aerobic exercise such as jogging at this time, which can strengthen the lung function.

2. The simplest way to nourish the lungs: a cup of hot water

The main reason for lung damage in autumn is “dryness”, so the key to nourishing the lungs is “moisturizing”, which can be directly inhaled by water vapor. Moisturize the lungs.

The method is simple: Pour hot water into a teacup, point your nose at the teacup and inhale the steam, each time 10 minutes or so, once in the morning and once in the evening. In addition, make sure to drink 2000 ml of water every day.

3. The cheapest way to nourish the lungs: Laughing When a person is laughing, it helps the body absorb more oxygen, and with With smooth blood flow throughout the body, every cell in the body gets more sufficient oxygen. Usually at home, we can stretch our arms, expand the chest as much as possible, and then use the abdomen to drive to breathe, which can increase the lung capacity, or take a full breath quickly, and slowly “blow” out when exhaling, so that the air stays in the lungs A longer time allows more adequate gas exchange in the lungs.


5 Things to Avoid

1. Avoid spicy food

Be careful to eat less spicy food such as chili, ginger, and barbecue. After the autumn, the climate gradually becomes dry. If you eat spicy food again, it is not good for the lungs. You can eat more lotus root, water chestnuts, lily, white fungus, which have the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

2. Avoid exercising too much

Harvest in the middle of the year in autumn and winter, and nourish yin and nourish yin after the beginning of autumn The first task, it is best to choose to exercise in the morning and evening, choose some gentle projects, such as Tai Chi, walking, etc., do not expose to the sun to avoid heat stroke.

3. Avoid falling asleep with wet hair

In late summer and early autumn, sleeping with half-dry hair will make the hair dry The water in it takes away a lot of heat during the evaporation process, and the cold air invades the human body, making it easy to catch a cold, especially for the elderly, and the stimulation of the head can easily cause blood pressure fluctuations.

4. Avoid staying up late

After the beginning of autumn, you should go to bed and get up early, and adapt to the changes of the season, go to bed early to restore energy Rui, getting up early is to stretch the lungs.

5. Avoid cool breezes

Don’t be too greedy for cool breezes and turn on air conditioners in autumn, it is best to avoid skin Directly blown by the wind, especially sensitive skin on the face and neck, may wish to cover the neck with a silk scarf. After the beginning of autumn, it is necessary to prevent “autumn tigers”. It is recommended to soak your feet at night to relieve the heat and help you fall asleep.


Pressing the Three Points at the Beginning of Autumn

1. Lieque Point: moisturizing the lungs and nourishing the throat

After the fall, people often feel dry mouth, nose and throat, skin tight and flaking, or have symptoms such as dry cough, which is caused by the dry climate in autumn. Therefore, at this time, it is advisable to rub the Lieque point often, which can achieve the effect of moistening the lungs and nourishing the throat, and can play a certain role in the adjuvant treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

Method: Open both hands in a figure-eight shape, and then gently interlock the tiger’s mouth. The index finger is lightly placed on the wrist of the other hand, along the direction of the radius, when the fingertips can feel a crack, this place is the Lieque point.

Use the thumb nail to pinch the Liequ point, usually once a day in the morning and evening, for about 3 minutes each time, with the degree of local soreness and comfort.

3. Yingxiang acupoint: remove dryness and moisten the lungs, clear the nose

Kneading the Yingxiang acupoint has the functions of clearing heat and dissipating wind, removing dryness and moisturizing the lungs, and opening the nose.

Method: Yingxiang acupoint is located about 0.5 cun on the outer edge of the nose, in the nasolabial fold. Before massaging, relax the whole body, touch the tip of the tongue to the upper palate, point the fingertips of the middle fingers of both hands on the Yingxiang acupoint, and when there is a feeling of soreness, then rub the belly of both middle fingers or index fingers for 20 to 30 times, respectively, to make the Yingxiang acupoint sore. , swelling, and fever.

Press once in the morning and evening for about 3 minutes each time.


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Eat less watermelon and more beans, don’t blindly post autumn fat< /p>

Watermelon is a very good fruit for clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, but after the beginning of autumn, after a long hot summer, people’s body consumes a lot, especially for some elderly people who are mostly deficient in the spleen and stomach, they should eat less Watermelon and other fruits that are too cold, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach, causing diarrhea.

Beans mostly have the function of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, which is suitable for the beginning of the autumn solar term. You can drink more three bean soup:

mung bean: clearing heat detoxification and relieving summer heat

red bean: diuretic and swelling

Black beans: strengthen the spleen and kidneys

Sandou soup can not only clear away heat and detoxify, but also strengthen the spleen and dampness.

Don’t blindly apply autumn fat:

1. People who usually consume high-fat and high-protein foods should not paste autumn fat;

2. People with high blood sugar, high blood fat and high blood pressure should not stick to autumn fat because they are obese and overnutrition; Autumn fat.

Due to chronic diseases, people with malnutrition can apply autumn fat.

Vegetarian food can also play a role in sticking autumn fat:

1. Choose vegetarian foods with high protein content, such as beans and fungi. Soy products not only contain high-quality protein but also contain stigmasterol, which can reduce blood lipids. People with kidney disease can also eat in moderation according to the glomerular filtration rate.

2. In addition, dairy products and egg foods are also high in protein content, so they can be used as a tonic choice for middle-aged and elderly people.

What to eat in the beginning of autumn


Eat more of these two in the beginning of autumn Growing vegetables

1. Cauliflower—preventing colds

The seasons change, and the climate changes, making it difficult for the human body to adapt temporarily. Immunity is also declining unknowingly. At this time, it is easy for cold viruses to take advantage of the loopholes. Supplementing enough vitamin C is a good way to prevent colds. The vitamin C content of cauliflower is 3 to 4 times higher than that of Chinese cabbage and soybean sprouts.

2. Celery – lowering blood pressure and promoting sleep

The temperature difference between summer and autumn is large, morning and evening are cool, noon Heat, for the elderly with more sensitive constitution, it is difficult for the body to adapt to this change immediately, which directly affects the endocrine and nervous systems, resulting in decreased sleep quality. Celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and calming the mind.


Eat more of these two kinds of melons in the beginning of autumn

1. Loofah – clearing heat and resolving phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying

Louffa gourd can be eaten from late spring to early autumn, which has the effect of diuresis, cooling blood, detoxification and laxative. Steamed loofah, add some minced meat and minced garlic, steam it for a while and it will be cooked. Drizzle some seafood soy sauce, the taste is very good.

2. Papaya——Remove dryness and moisten the intestines

In addition to being a fruit, papaya can be used to make soup in autumn Drink, replenish water and remove dryness. Enzymes rich in papaya can also help digestion, suitable for constipation and indigestion.


Drink more of these two tea substitutes in the beginning of autumn

1. Sydney Lily Juice ——Clear heat and moisten dryness

After the beginning of autumn, dryness will rise, so eat more foods that nourish yin and moisten the lungs, such as lotus seeds, yam, lily, etc. Sydney and lily are boiled together with water to clear away heat and moisten dryness, which has a good health care effect, especially for people who often have dry cough.

2.Chrysanthemum Ume Licorice Drink——Xuanfei Licorice Drink

Put 2 grams of chrysanthemum, 1 ebony, and 1 gram of licorice into a cup, brew with boiling water, and drink it. Airway hypersensitivity, etc.

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