To standardize the cultural market, Xiaokunshan Town launched a joint law enforcement inspection of Internet cafes

Recently, under the guidance of the District Cultural Law Enforcement Brigade, the Xiaokunshan Town Community Cultural Activity Center, together with the town’s urban transportation center, police station, urban management, urban construction center, and epidemic prevention and control office, conducted a joint law enforcement inspection of Internet cafes within the jurisdiction.

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The law enforcement team respectively carried out three Internet cafes on Wangyu Internet Cafe Pingyuan Street Store, Wangyu Internet Cafe Hexi Street Store and Dongfang Internet Cafe Xingang Store examine. Focus on checking whether the business licenses and permits of the business premises are complete, whether the minors are prohibited from entering, whether the no-smoking signs are posted in a standardized manner, and whether the epidemic prevention measures are strictly implemented. Among them, in terms of epidemic prevention measures, check and scan codes to enter the venue, 48-hour nucleic acid, wearing masks, temperature measurement registration, misplaced seating, etc.

The law enforcement team introduced that the situation of this inspection has been greatly improved compared with the past. In response to the problems found in the inspection, the law enforcement team notified them face to face and ordered them to make immediate corrections. At the same time, we will implement the “look back” work in the follow-up and carry out return visits to prevent the problem from resurging.

Through this special inspection, the management of the cultural market has been further standardized, and the awareness of law-abiding of cultural business units has been effectively improved. The cultural market developed in a healthy, stable and orderly manner.

Text: Yu Aie, correspondent of Zhou Yuyu

The picture is provided by the interviewee

Editor: Li Zhunzhun Zhao Jian Wang Hongxia