To protect your eyes, are darker sunglasses better?

1. (multiple choice) What kind of UV rays do you wear sunglasses for?


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Long Wavelength UVA is a major cause of premature skin aging, penetrates the dermis, tans the skin, and causes damage to lipids and collagen. Medium wavelength UVBcan reach the dermis layer, causing the skin to be sunburned, causing peeling, erythema, etc., but it can be blocked by glass, sunshade , clothing, etc. Sunscreen is primarily about preventing them.

2.( Multiple choice question) When choosing sunglasses, which function should you consider first?

ABeautiful lens color


< span>CProtect wearer’s safety and vision from damage

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Shop When wearing sunglasses, it is the most basic principle to protect the wearer’s safety and vision from being damaged. Reduction of strong light stimulation, clear vision without deformation, UV protection, color recognition without distortion, and accurate identification of traffic signals are the basic requirements of sunglasses. It is unscientific to take comfort and style as the main consideration.

3. (multiple choice) In addition to sunglasses, what other options are there for enhanced sun protection?

AVisor hat with brim larger than 5 cm

< span>BParasols



There are many ways to protect the sun, wearing sunglasses can Prevent UV damage to the eyes;Wearing a sun hat with a brim larger than 5 cm can also play a role in sun protection;Clothing, sun protection Clothes also provide sun protection.

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