Tift Talks Tea: The Tang Dynasty Court Tea Ceremony

To be honest, the Chinese ancestors Know how to express your thoughts and feelings through certain natural objects. In primitive times, people were frightened by thunder and lightning, wild snakes and beasts, and used them as totems, with sun gods, dragons and phoenix totems… This way of thinking will probably affect future history.

Reflecting the invisible things from the outside has also become the mindset and traditional style of the Chinese ancestors. Since the three generations, the number of utensils used in daily life has been used to indicate the level of rank. Jiuding and Bagui have become A symbol of the highest status in the Zhou Dynasty. When a natural object becomes a symbol that expresses certain connotations and forms a common recognized mark, it is extended to be a part of folk culture.

Among all the natural things, there are few things that can contain so many human emotions like the “tea” known as the “Jiamu” of the South.

“Tea” drinking has become a symbol for people to understand nature, transform nature, and express social evolution. Not only that, people used tea to reflect culture from a very early time. Although this was very sporadic and unconscious, at least in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, people had a better understanding of the natural properties of tea, and gradually It unifies the specific thoughts and feelings expressed by tea, and it has become a relatively unified cultural message with tea to show frugality, tea to show respect, and tea to show respect. At least at this time, people gradually regard tea as a kind of Living elegantly.

people Endow tea with such a deep cultural connotation. There are poems about chant tea earlier in the history of literature.

Du Yu’s “Mang Fu”: “Lingshan is only the mountain, the bell of the strange production is the bell, the wild grass is born, and the Migu is posted. To marry a couple and travel together is to harvest and seek. The water is the note of Minfang, the water is clear, and the pottery slips are selected from the east corner. When you choose them, they take the style of Gongliu. But the kindness is first formed, and it is deep in Huafu and Huan. If there is snow, it is like a spring compress.”

Tea has become a sacred object worshipped by people; the accumulation of history has prompted it to achieve great development at a certain time. Under a certain historical environment, Lu Yu was born, and “Tea” was born. through”.

Due to Lu Yu’s hard work, he summed up all the tea culture in history and compiled the rules of tea drinking according to the tea drinking customs of various places.

In this rule, there are not only formal requirements, but also the expression of its profound thoughts, which also forms the French way of drinking tea – the tea ceremony. Not only that, in the Tang Dynasty, the tea ceremony was developed into a comprehensive and highly artistic cultural activity.

It was also in the Tang Dynasty that people were able to endow tea with such a broad cultural atmosphere. This is because Chinese art In the Tang Dynasty, it reached a new stage in all aspects and achieved new results. This new achievement has contributed to the artisticization of the tea ceremony, which is a synergy of multi-faceted culture and art—poetry, painting, music—architectural decoration, and even a new development in art philosophy.

Romanticism and realism complement each other in the poetic world. The rich, plump, graceful and elegant figure paintings complement each other with the ethereal, profound, magical and magnificence of landscape paintings.

On the music scene, the traditional elegant and subtle rhythm of the guqin and the Hu rhythm of the surrounding ethnic groups are combined to form a new era of contention, the grand and tall overall style and the finely carved partial decorations. The elegant and simple paint colors. To make the architectural art of the Tang Dynasty go into a new world… All kinds of art have entered a new stage, and the art of the Tang Dynasty has prominently displayed its own characteristics.

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