Thyroid cancer soars around the world! The most important reason is…

Pineapple Says

Thyroid cancer used to be rare in China. But since 2000, the incidence of thyroid cancer suddenly began to soar, with an average annual growth rate of about 20%, becoming the fastest growing malignant tumor. And for some reason, thyroid cancer is female-biased and the risk is 3 times that of males.

What exactly happened to cause the massive increase in the number of thyroid cancers in China?

Excessive long-term iodine supplementation? Eat too much seafood? Or exposed to unknown radiation? There are various theories and speculations in the society regarding this issue.

However, so far, there is no scientifically convincing evidence that the surge in thyroid cancer in China is closely related to iodine supplementation or daily radiation exposure.

Then why?

Also, this phenomenon is not unique to China. In fact, this incident has happened in almost all developed countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan and so on.

Looking around, we finally found the biggest reason…


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