This year, it’s so real

This year, it’s so real, span>

You have money, earn around you;

You have no money and no voice.

Either you can, or you can, strong>

If you don’t get anything done,

< p data-track="7">Even your family is tired of you!

This year, it’s so real,

The best promise,

is no match for diesel, rice, oil and salt;

No matter how good a relationship is,

can’t stand it Just lazy.

It’s not about money, span>

But money is a necessity of life,

< p data-track="15">Elderly care needs,

Children’s growth needs,

maintain the needs of life!

this New Years, it is so realistic,

Push the cup for a change, the cup first Rich people,

If you want to look good, you must first be able!

Don’t expect your presence, span>

The reason why the noble person came to you,

< p data-track="24">Because you have value!

The way to get along is to build on each other;< /strong>

The relief of others is just fantasy!

This year, it’s so real,

The people you helped may not always remember you;

You’re too good to talk, but people get even worse.

The more emotional you are,< /span>

The more you talk about treasure,

What you get is not necessarily care,

is greedy instead, p>

Sometimes, even the lover around me,

treats you the same!

this Years are so realistic,

you can meet more

You can’t, no one will appreciate you much.

Appearance is not the foundation of a relationship,< /span>

Strength is the root of working together!

Excellence meets excellence,

Lazy, you meet laziness.

Things cluster together, people cluster together,

Always be real!

This year, it’s so real,

If you’re in a bad mood, don’t put it on your face,< /p>

Because no one will feel bad;

I feel wronged, don’t tell everyone,

Because it’s the minority who care.

Live your life, carry it yourself,

Do your own thing, do it yourself,

If you want peace of mind for the rest of your life,

Be strong first!

this Years are so real,

Do well when you’re young,

Parents need it, so that it will not be difficult; span>

Children need to keep from crying.

Don’t expect hard times,< /span>

The person who speaks to help you,

will come to you in time,

It is never better to rely on yourself,

Keep pushing yourself,

Be strong and self-reliant, and never get frustrated!

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