This wild vegetable is the right time to eat in the Grain Rain season. It is more tender than shepherd’s purse. It can be steamed and fried. It is both nutritious and delicious.

For wild plants in the countryside, people always like to use the word strong to describe them. In the eyes of most people. These wild plants are not afraid of the wind and the sun, and they can be seen in the fields, under the mountains or on the gravel piles. Even on the walls of houses, it is possible to see wild plants. Almost wherever there is soil, there is no shortage of wild plants. These plants may seem unremarkable, but there are many plants that may have hidden very high edible and medicinal values. These plants can be called wild plants or wild vegetables.

The most prosperous season for wild plants is now every year, when the weather starts to pick up in March. Now many wild plants have emerged one after another, and all kinds of wild vegetables have gradually been put into vegetable baskets by people. In this season when everyone is picking wild vegetables, not all wild vegetables are very popular. There are also some wild vegetables that are ignored by people and have no chance to enter the vegetable basket. And the plant I’m going to introduce to you today, it’s called Tian Zicao, is such a plant that has saved many people and is of great help to the human body. Now few people know its value, and it has gradually become a weed in the field.

Tian comfrey is a weed that often lives in wheat fields. It begins to germinate every winter. It often hides in farmland and grows under wheat seedlings. Each year when autumn comes, its seedlings grow well enough to survive the winter. The seedlings that Tian Zicao has just grown every time are petite, the leaves are slender and thick, the color is a little gray, and there is a layer of fine fluff on it, just like an undressed country girl, so Tian Zicao also It’s called Mauna. As a weed plant, comfrey has strong resistance to drought and barrenness. Often living in wheat fields and wasteland, the leaves are covered with rough down on both sides. The flowers grow unidirectionally in the leaf axils on the upper part of the leaves. The colors are lavender and pink-white. They are petite, cute, fresh and elegant.

On the surface, comfrey doesn’t look like an edible wild vegetable. But in fact, it was indeed a life-saving wild vegetable that many people had to eat in the past. It is very simple to eat comfrey, as long as the seedlings are picked and boiled, they can be made into dishes. Many people lived by eating comfrey in the spring, and in the past it saved many people by virtue of its edible function. In the wheat fields in spring, there are many strange wild vegetables growing. In addition to comfrey, barley wormwood and shepherd’s purse, they are all very common wild vegetables. It’s just that compared to some other wild vegetables, Tian Zicao’s gray appearance is really unpleasant.

In fact, in rural areas, comfrey is actually a harmful weed. The folks also have the title of Mai Jiagong. In the past, the number of comfrey in the wheat fields was very large, and the growth rate was rapid. Often large areas of damage to the living area of ​​wheat, affecting its growth. But in fact, the nutritional value of comfrey is higher than that of wheat. Amino acids, vitamin C and cellulose, etc., it contains more than a dozen nutrients needed by the human body.

Now with the change of farmers’ farming methods, the wild vegetable comfrey is becoming more and more rare in rural areas. Even people who see it are hard to recognize. So, please keep in mind what it looks like. If you see it in your hometown, don’t ignore it.