This tertiary hospital was notified and fined nearly 60 million yuan!

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The fine is nearly 60 million yuan!

A tertiary hospital was notified of illegal use of medical insurance funds

On April 18, Wuhan Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Hubei Province issued the “Notice on Illegal Use of Medical Insurance Funds by Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology”. According to the report, Wuhan Medical Insurance Bureau conducted an investigation on the use and settlement of medical insurance funds for high-value orthopaedic consumables in Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology from January 2017 to September 2020. The problem of illegal settlement of actual consumables product regulations and information resulted in a loss of 23,343,609.64 yuan to the medical insurance fund. Wuhan Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau made the following administrative actions in accordance with the “Social Insurance Law” and “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of the Use of Medical Security Funds”:

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1. Order rectification.

2. The hospital will be fined 2 times the amount of 19,157,462.10 yuan of the illegal medical insurance fund and 38,314,924.20 yuan; the amount of 4,186,147.54 yuan defrauded by the inspection will be fined 5 times the amount of 20,930,737.70 yuan, totaling 59,245,661.90 yuan Yuan.

3. Order the hospital to suspend the medical services of the Orthopedics Department involving the use of the medical insurance fund for 8 months.

4. Transfer clues about the case to relevant departments in accordance with laws and regulations. (Wuhan Medical Security Bureau)

Changchun, Jilin: For Epidemic Prevention Personnel

Temporary grants and bonuses are exempt from IIT

On the afternoon of April 18, Changchun City held the 61st press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic to report the latest progress in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

At the press conference, Chai Zhenning, member of the Party Committee and Chief Economist of the Changchun Municipal Taxation Bureau, introduced that according to the “Announcement of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on Supporting the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic” ” (Announcement No. 10 [2020] of the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation) stipulates that the temporary work subsidies and bonuses obtained by medical personnel and epidemic prevention workers participating in the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the standards prescribed by the government are exempt from personal income tax. The standards stipulated by the government include the subsidy and bonus standards stipulated by governments at all levels. Temporary work subsidies and bonuses for personnel involved in epidemic prevention and control stipulated by the provincial and above provincial governments shall be implemented mutatis mutandis. Therefore, for the above-mentioned personnel who actually obtain temporary subsidies and bonuses, they can be exempted from personal income tax within the scope of the standards stipulated by the corresponding level of government. (CCTV News Client)

7 local deaths in Shanghai,

None vaccinated

From 0-24:00 on April 18, 7 new local deaths were reported in Shanghai. The age ranged from 60 to 101 years old, of which 6 cases were over 75 years old, with coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension grade 3, sequelae of cerebral infarction, cardiac function grade Ⅲ, cerebral infarction, hypoalbuminemia and other serious underlying diseases. One case (60 years old) under 75 years old was complicated with traumatic brain herniation, traumatic subdural hemorrhage, multiple cerebral contusions, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, and central diabetes insipidus. The above 7 people’s condition worsened after being admitted to hospital, and they died after the rescue failed. The direct cause of death was caused by the underlying disease. (The Paper)

Sudden aortic dissection during nucleic acid collection by doctors in Henan,

Transfer to Wuhan for emergency surgery to save a life

According to “Hubei Jingshi” report on April 18, 31-year-old Wang Dan is a key doctor in the Department of Cardiology of the People’s Hospital of Huangchuan County, Xinyang City, Henan Province. On April 5, when Wang Dan and colleagues collected nucleic acids for residents, she felt a tear in her neck and collapsed to the ground. Colleagues by her side rushed Wang Dan to Huangchuan County People’s Hospital for treatment.

Huangchuan County People’s Hospital highly suspected aortic dissection, immediately contacted Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, started the emergency transfer procedure, and assigned cardiologists and nurses to escort the 120 ambulance all the way . At 14:35 that day, Wang Dan arrived at Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital and was diagnosed with aortic dissection type A after emergency CTA examination. Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital opened a green channel for Wang Dan at the first time. After more than 6 hours of emergency surgery, Wang Dan finally turned the corner. On the third day, he was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward for further treatment and is currently recovering. (Hubei Jingshi, Jimu News)

Beijing Health Commission responds to the outage of Jingyitong on the Internet

On April 18, a document about “Jingyitong will be out of service” was circulated on the Internet, causing heated discussions. On the 19th, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission responded that Beijing Yihe Spring Technology Co., Ltd., as the operator of the Jingyitong online system, had a dispute with Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd., the investor and construction party. The Beijing Municipal Health Commission and the Beijing Hospital Management Center have paid attention to this matter in the early stage, and instructed the parties to actively resolve the dispute. On the evening of April 18, a notice of outage of Beijing Yihe Spring Technology Co., Ltd. flowed out online. The Beijing Municipal Health Commission and the Beijing Municipal Hospital Management Center have urgently notified both parties that they will further urge and guide both parties to proceed from safeguarding the public interest, and resolve disputes rationally in accordance with the law, so that the general public can continue to obtain convenient online appointment services. (Beijing Municipal Health Commission)

The 2022 rankings of China Medical University Rankings released!

Peking Union Medical College tops the list

On April 19th, the “2022 Soft Science China Medical University Rankings”, a professional evaluation institution for higher education, was officially released. A total of 85 colleges and universities entered the ranking of medical universities, among which Peking Union Medical College Medical University Hospital, Capital Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Harbin Medical University, and China Medical University ranked in the top five. (Software)

Parents infected with the new crown and their daughters who aided Shanghai concealed from each other,

But found in the same shelter

Nurse Jiaying from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, without telling her parents, signed up for the Jiangsu Medical Team Aid to Shanghai and came to Shanghai Pudong Lingang Makeshift Hospital. In order not to worry her parents, Jiaying pretended she was still in Nanjing on the phone every day, and her parents who worked in Shanghai also told her that “everything is fine”. In fact, Jiaying’s parents were also “lying” to their daughter. Because of the positive nucleic acid test, they were successively taken to Lingang Fangcang for treatment.

On April 15th, when her mother suffered from abdominal pain, Jiaying learned that the family who reported each other’s safety every day were actually in the same makeshift hospital. It turned out that there are 13,000 beds in Shanghai Pudong Lingang Fangcang shelter hospital, and the Jiangsu medical team is responsible for 7,000 beds in 8 areas. Because Jiaying’s parents are not in the area managed by her hospital, they have never been able to meet. On April 16, Jiaying took standard precautions and came to visit him in the ward where her father was with fruit and food. Her mother was transferred to Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai due to severe vomiting and aggravated abdominal pain. She is currently in stable condition. (CCTV News)

U.S. may find first cases of animal-to-human transmission of COVID-19

According to the U.S. “Detroit Free Press” on April 18, Michigan health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that four Michiganders were infected with a special new crown virus related to mink. This is likely to be the first confirmed case of animal-to-human transmission of the new crown in the United States.

The four were a taxidermist and his wife, and two mink farm employees. According to US media, they are the only animal-to-human transmission cases in the United States, but there may be more animal-to-human transmission cases than have been identified because the United States has not actively tested such outbreaks before. Four people have recovered so far. (Overseas Network)

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