This Qixi Festival is not crowded with tourists on the pedestrian street! Here comes the Changsha couple’s local dating guide

When the Qixi Festival and the summer vacation meet, Changsha’s Wuyi Square is already crowded with tourists who come to check in. It is no longer the first choice for couples to go to the central business district. After all, this romantic day is more suitable for being alone. The world of two. This year’s Qixi Festival, in addition to gifts, where to spend the Qixi Festival has become a new problem for couples in Changsha. In this romantic city, what other treasures are hidden for couples to date?

Love at dusk and sunset, the couple photos taken here are beautiful

In the hot summer, in addition to the very “hot and sunny” sunshine, it is beautiful The sunset is also the gift of the sun to the city. Songya Lake, known as “Little Sanya in Changsha”, because of the open terrain and the sparkling lake reflecting the sunset, Songya Lake has also become one of the classic scenes for watching the sunset in Changsha. Many couples come here to take pictures of couples. Excellent yield.

The twilight of summer and the smiles in the eyes of lovers are the most romantic things on this Qixi Festival. Love at dusk and sunset, let’s go to Songya Lake together to harvest this summer’s limited-edition sunset.

Dating strategy: Songya Lake Wetland Park is open 24 hours a day. There is no need to make an appointment to enter the park, just go directly to the site. Among them, Jinsha Silver Beach, which has a high photo rate, is located at the entrance of the East Gate 1 of the park, but there is no direct public transportation nearby, so it is recommended to drive there.

Take the “Rose Line” No. 520 bus, the European-style love castle is the most suitable for falling in love

Changsha No. 520 bus is also called the Rose Line, starting from The starting points are Liuyang River Wedding Park and Beichen Delta, which is also the first line in Changsha City named according to the characteristics of the starting station. Not only is the name romantic, this bus line has also witnessed and staged romantic stories. According to Changsha Tourism Report, the driver of the 520 line really found his other half on the 520 bus.

The starting point of bus No. 520 is Liuyang River Wedding Park. Liuyang River Marriage Park is a wedding-themed entertainment and leisure cultural park. It is currently the only cultural park in the country that has a complete marriage and love industry chain from love, marriage to wedding ceremony. In Changsha, it has become a “love landmark”.

Dating strategy: Liuyang River Wedding Cultural Park is located at No. 305, Section 2, Liuyang River Avenue, Furong District, Changsha City. No tickets or reservations are required to enter the park, just go directly to On site.

The same underwater world as the idol drama, leave your own blue romance

Although Changsha Underwater World is a large marine science education center, the underwater world The world has never been a home for children. The underwater world, where the male and female protagonists of idol dramas go on a date, is absolutely qualified to be ranked in the top three of the couple dating list. Fish swimming close at hand, the unfathomable “ocean”, in this wonderful space separated from daily life, not only can experience the magic and magic of nature, but also create a special romantic memory together.

The tourist area of ​​Changsha Underwater World consists of five functional areas: aquarium, polar museum, science and education museum, water park and children’s park, but usually couples take pictures. The classic seats for punch-in are all in the aquarium and the underwater tunnel. The blue background has a dreamy and romantic effect. When the beluga whale swims by, take a group photo and remember the love witnessed by the beluga whale at this moment.

Dating strategy: Changsha Underwater World is located at No. 501 Sanyi Avenue, Kaifu District, Changsha City. It is open all year round. The Polar Oceanarium is open at 08:00: From 30 to 18:30, it is recommended to avoid the peak season and take pictures in white or dark clothes to look better.

Whether it is a Ferris wheel or a hot air balloon, love is to cross the sky with the person you like

Someone once said: “The existence of the Ferris wheel is to make friends with each other. The people you like slowly cross the sky together.” For a long time, because of its unique romantic element, the Ferris wheel has become a must-have item for many couples on dates, and it has also witnessed many beautiful loves. At present, Changsha Helong Gymnasium, Window of the World, and Xingsha Zhongmao City can all ride on the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel at Helong Gymnasium is one of the largest Ferris wheels in Asia, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Changsha, and it is also a symbol of Changsha. one of the landmarks. In addition, Changsha Window of the World will launch a confession activity on the screen during the Qixi Festival. Saying love to you at a height of 100 meters is a unique confession artifact!

If the Ferris wheel is a traditional item on the Qixi Festival, then the upgraded hot air balloon is a romantic not to be missed on this Qixi Festival. Who still remembers Murong Yunhai confessing to Chu Yuxun in the hot air balloon in “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together”: “I, Murong Yunhai, swear to the clouds, the wind, the sky, the earth, and the flowers…” This Qixi Festival , You don’t need to go to Turkey, you can take a hot air balloon to travel the sky in Changsha. At present, Changsha Shiyan Lake Paragliding Base and Heimifeng Paragliding Base can experience the hot air balloon project. Come and experience the romance of Murong Yunhai and Chu Yuxun!

Go to the cinema to watch “Changsha Love Story”, punch in “We look like love strong>“The same scene

This Qixi Festival, the love film “We Look Like Love”, shot in Changsha, will be released nationwide. The film tells the story of two Hunan Young people in small towns support each other on the way of growing up and know how to cherish the current story. At the interactive meeting after the road show of this film, many people said, “Friends in Changsha will definitely feel like what happened around them when they see it. “, this movie full of “Changsha Love Story” is not to be missed on Qixi Festival.

It is reported that the film was shot in 66 places in Changsha In the scene, familiar and familiar places such as Changsha Railway Station, IFS, Huangxing Square, Juzizhou Bridge, Xiangjiang Middle Road, and Beichen Delta will appear on the screen. If you go to the cinema to watch the movie, you may pass by on your way home. The same scene in the movie, sharing the “Changsha-style romance” in the movie.

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