This mysterious mine in Xinjiang repaid the 2 billion Soviet foreign debt alone, and Japan did not spare even the abandoned mine

There is a mysterious mine in China, which is called “merit mine” by repaying the Soviet Union’s 2 billion foreign debt and helping the common people relieve the huge burden; Contains more than 80 kinds of metals, many of which are rare elements, and Japan is jealous of it even waste mines, but China does not sell it to the outside world… Where is this mine located? where? What rare element makes Japan coveted it? How is the mine organized now?

“There is a mine at home”

This mineis located in Xinjiang , is the No. 3 ore vein of the Keketuohai National Mine Park. Now it is a tourist attraction, but in the 1950s and 1960s, it was a huge treasure house of resources, which contributed greatly to the development of New China.

The mining of the Keketuohai mining area in Xinjiang can be traced back to around 1930, when all the local ethnic minorities came to mine. They relied on rudimentary tools to mine part of the open-pit mines in the mining area, and most of what they dug out was jade, which was mainly used to make jewelry, etc. At that time, people thought this was the greatest wealth, but they did not know that under the jade More abundant and important minerals.

Around the 1950s, the state began to organize technical personnel to come to the mining area for exploration, professional It was discovered that there were abundant mineral resources underground. The survey results show that the No. 3 mine is a pegmatite mine, containing 86 kinds of minerals, and there are only more than 140 kinds of minerals known and useful in the world, which means As a result, the types of minerals that this single deposit can provide accounts for more than half of the world’s known useful mineral types, proper “mine at home”, and then countries Specially organized more than 40,000 miners to mine here.

According to relevant data, this mine has Bryllium reserves ranking first in the country strong>, The reserves of cesium, lithium and tantalum are ranked fifth, sixth and ninth in the country respectively. There are many types of minerals and high grades, and the different minerals have distinct layers, which are very beneficial to mining. Such a unique advantage , which is unique in China and rare in the world, and is equal to the world-famous Canadian Bernic Lake Mine.

Repaying the Soviet Union’s foreign debt

It is a prerequisite to have a mine at home, and it can be dug out for use It is the real ability to get up, otherwise it is worthless to lie down and sleep, and it is naturally impossible for smart and hard-working Chinese people to sit on Baoshan and return empty-handed! The first major thing that Mine No. 3 did for the Chinese was to repay the Soviet Union’s foreign debt of about 2 billion yuan, which relieved a huge burden on the poor China at that time, and was called China’s “” Merit Mine”.

When the People’s Republic of China was first established, the world was in a cold war pattern, and China, as a socialist country, naturally belonged to the Soviet Union. , the big brother of the Soviet Union also hopes that the more and more powerful his younger brother, the better. During the Sino-Soviet friendship period, the Soviet Union aided many projects to China. Although it was “aided construction”, the brothers clearly settled the accounts. The Soviet Union would definitely not help in vain. Remember clearly, When the relationship is good, you are good and I am good, and when the relationship is bad, take it out and settle the account.

Afterwards, China became more and more powerful, and the Soviet Union worried that the status of “socialist big brother” was threatened , it changed from helping China to containing China. The method used was to withdraw experts and force China to repay loans, including the money for weapons assistance when resisting the United States and assisting Korea, as well as the construction aid to China over the years, totaling about 5.2 billion yuan.

Although the Soviet Union’s actions were not authentic, we Chinese people are still very strong. It is only natural for us to repay our debts. Although China’s wealth was not deep at that time, we did not want the Soviet Union to seize the attack. , the people of the whole country tightened their belts to repay their debts, and the No. 3 Mine alone took on the debt of 2 billion yuan, which was close to half of the total debt of the Soviet Union.

Therefore, at the beginning of the development of New China, this mine made great efforts, calling it “merit mine” and “hero mine”, it is not an exaggeration at all. .

Japan is so greedy

With such rich mineral deposits, naturally there are countries who are interested in it Mouth-watering, it’s resource-starved Japan. Of course, the Japanese government is still self-aware and did not dare to mention the direct mining or purchase of raw ore, but only put forward a little idea about the waste ore produced after refining in China. At that time, they relied on the support of American father. , and his economic conditions are good, he proposed a pound of grain or pork for a pound of mine.

For the Chinese at that time, let alone pork, even food was precious,< strong>A pound of grain is exchanged for a pound of waste mines. No matter how you count it, Japan is losing money. Why are they so concerned about the obvious loss-making business? It turned out that there is another mystery.

At that time, China’s industrial base was backward, and the extraction technology of minerals was also very rough. After the original ore was extracted, there were still many important elements left in the waste mine, which could not be extracted and used in China due to technical conditions. , but Japan’s technology is advanced, and it is completely possible to extract the remaining metal elements by replacing these waste mines. On the surface, it seems that equal weight exchange In fact, Japan’s small abacus is playing with a crackling sound, and the wolf’s ambition is obvious.

However, China at that time was not a fool. Agreeing to Japan’s conditions, the locals even shouted the slogan “I would rather starve to death than to starve Japan to death”, and the waste mines were sealed up, and none of them flowed into Japan. The Japanese >The idea of ​​swapping pork for mines can only stop there.

In fact, it is not surprising that the Chinese made such a decision at that time, after all, the end of World War II Not too long ago, the Chinese people still remember the various evil deeds committed by the Japanese invaders. Not to mention that there are many useful metals in those waste mines. Even if they are all stones, it is impossible for China to sell them to Japan. The Japanese have always been unprofitable, and China is even less likely to foolishly do things for the enemy.

With abundant resources, No. 3 Mine helped China pay off huge foreign debts, made great contributions to the successful explosion of the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb; the cesium element used in my country’s first satellite came from here, which started my country’s aerospace industry and promoted its vigorous development; , here again became a tourist attraction and continued to shine, built as a Coketuohai Geopark, and later rated as a national 5A-level tourist attraction, and was selected into the Global Geopark Network in 2017 directory.

The huge mine pits record the glorious past; the winding mine tunnel shows the magnificent The years… Now we stand in front of it, in addition to lamenting the greatness of nature, we can better appreciate the Chinese indomitable spirit. The vast territory and rich resources are our advantages. How to make good use of these advantages and transform them into strength is the direction we should strive for in modern times. When China rises, I will not wait, my generation needs to work harder !

Author: Mango is very busy Proofreading editor: Wei Yang