This method of treating dysmenorrhea is very useful, but it has been misunderstood by us for many years…

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Ibuprofen is not biologically addictive. But psychologically speaking, people who have experienced pain-free menstrual period should not want to experience dysmenorrhea again. But this is just like taking cold medicine every time you catch a cold, it is a normal need, not a drug dependence.

Side effects of ibuprofen: 16% of long-term users may experience adverse reactions in the digestive tract. Generally, it is not necessary to stop the drug and continue to take it tolerable. Nervous system adverse reactions such as headache, dizziness, and tinnitus may occur in 1% to 3% of patients. Stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding occurred in less than 1%. (Please seek medical attention in time if you have the above symptoms)

NSAIDs mainly include aspirin and ibuprofen. It has a weak analgesic effect, is not addictive, is widely used, and has definite curative effect. It is used for common pain.

The cause of primary dysmenorrhea may also be due to uterine hypoplasia, uterine flexion, cervical canal stenosis, poor posture and physical factors, allergic state and mental factors.

Ibuprofen takes time to take effect and cannot act on the prostaglandins already produced, so it is recommended that girls who need it take it about half an hour in advance.


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