This meal is a catalyst for diabetes! Those who eat wrong every day, be careful~

The high temperature continues, the appetite decreases during the day, and it is impossible to go to bed early at night. When the dinner is not eaten on time, many people will add a supper before going to bed .

Shabu-shabu, BBQ, crayfish… My stomach is full, but is my body okay?

Night supper—an accomplice to diabetes

Previously, A study from Harvard University has shown that eating late-night snacks is an important cause of elevated blood sugar.

The study recruited 19 healthy young adults (7 women and 12 men) for a 14-day meal test.

These 19 volunteers were randomly assigned to two groups, one group ate at night (23:00~7:00) (night snack) , the other group ate during the day.

During the experiment, the researchers assessed the effect of dietary patterns on the body’s circadian rhythm.

Studies have found that eating at night can increase blood sugar levels and cause impaired glucose tolerance, while eating during the day does not.

Furthermore, the more desynchronized the feeding rhythm and the normal biological clock, the more severe the impaired glucose tolerance.

Researchers believe that the rhythm that the human body adapts to is eating during the day, resting at night, and eating an extra meal at night. It disrupts the arrangement of the biological clock, makes the blood sugar metabolism disorder, and is prone to diabetes in the long run.

Sleep on an empty stomach is also discouragedWhat should I eat at night?

When eating supper, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and follow the following principles:

01eat ahead

The best time for a late night snack is not before going to bed, but two hours before going to bed.

For example, if you have dinner at 7, go to bed at 12, and feel hungry at 11, then Eat supper in advance between 9-10 o’clock.

This can not only reduce the burden on the stomach, but also minimize the adverse effects of supper on blood sugar.

02Eat light

Night supper is generally only aimed at filling the stomach, and try to reduce small lobster and grilled The proportion of delicious food such as skewers, can choose whole wheat bread, millet porridge, oatmeal, bananas, almonds, milk, honey, etc.

3Don’t be too salty

Night supper should not be too salty, otherwise it will cause water retention in the body, affecting the quality of sleep, and swelling after getting up.

04Don’t drink

Drinking at night may make you fall asleep faster, but it doesn’t make you sleep well. Because alcohol will reduce the time of deep sleep and reduce the quality of sleep.

0Have breakfast

Sleep late at night and wake up in the morning It is also relatively late, and because they are very full before going to bed, many people simply omit breakfast.

This practice is not conducive to stabilizing blood sugar, and will also cause obesity.

< p>《Qianjin Yaofang》 says that “a full meal at night will ruin a day’s longevity”.

In most cases, the most critical factor in deciding whether to eat or not to eat a late-night snack is not “craving”, but staying up late to sleep.

< /span>

It is better to start by refusing to stay up late than to have a late night snack.

After all, health can only be guaranteed by following the natural physiological laws.

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