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Before, a topic #Snacks can help prolong life# rushed to the hot search, and many people felt that they had found the health code: as long as you eat the right snacks, Can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer death? Is there such a good thing in the world?

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But is it really that simple?

Sister Bin immediately went to check the original text. This paper is a study on the “Association of Mineral Consumption with Cancer and All-Cause Mortality at Three Meals” published in the BMC Oncology Journal by a team from Harbin Medical University. In assessing the association of mineral intake over time with cancer and all-cause mortality.

A total of 27,455 participants, aged 18-85, whose daily diets were integrated into MyPyramid’s 36 major food groups, calculated for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks mineral intake, and analyzed the relationship between mineral intake and cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality. This study concluded that the optimal time for potassium, calcium and magnesium intake to reduce cancer risk and all-cause mortality is in the evening.

It is generally accepted that the best way to increase your potassium intake is to eat more fruits and vegetables such as beans, apricots, potatoes, bananas, green leaves Vegetables and more; major natural sources of calcium are cheese, tofu, milk; good sources of magnesium include pumpkin , pumpkin seed kernels, nuts such as almonds and peanuts, whole grains (whole grains), dairy products, spinach, and more.

The study also found that people with low quality diets, in addition to changing their meal patterns, can make up for the lack of diet quality by supplementing reasonable snacks; the quality of their own diets People with high levels are more sensitive to starch snacks and should pay more attention to the quality of snacks.

So, let’s talk about how women can eat healthy snacks.

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What are the dangers of unhealthy snacks for women?

What are snacks? As the name suggests, it is a food that is suitable for consumption between meals, the amount can be more or less, and it is very convenient to eat.

For children, they are in the growing stage, with large nutritional needs and small stomach capacity, so snacks are a necessary nutritional supplement; for adults, snacks It has multiple roles: it can supplement the lack of meals; it can prevent excessive hunger before meals; it can “push the stomach” when it is not possible to eat on time; it can be used as a “placebo” when the pressure is too high; it can be used as a social means to Share…

For women, due to their physiological characteristics, their energy needs and appetite are smaller than men’s, and it is the norm for many people to “eat a little while eating and be hungry soon after eating” , then the snack between meals is particularly important.

But if you choose the wrong snacks, it will bring about problems of high energy, high salt, high sugar, high fat, and low nutrient density. Eating such snacks will not only fail to meet the needs of the body Nutrient intake plays a supplementary role, and also affects meal intake, which further leads to unbalanced nutrient intake, and even causes fatigue, hypoglycemia, anemia, endocrine Disorders, constipation and other problems seriously affect the health of the body.

For example, snacks such as candy, ice cream, milk tea, cookies, puffed food that many girls love to eat, in addition to making you fat, acne, and ugly, may also There are side effects of accelerated aging – studies have found that excessive sugar intake can lead to more wrinkles, and the culprit of this skin aging phenomenon is the skin’s glycation reaction.

Some time ago, the topic of “Chinese people eat 2 trillion yuan of snacks a year” was once on the Weibo hot search list, and I also published on this topicI have expressed my opinion and remind everyone that although we are becoming more and more health conscious now, the marketing methods of merchants are also changing with each passing day, so be sure to keep your eyes open before buying, do the basics by looking at the ingredient list and nutrition list judgment.

While netizens ridiculed themselves for participating in the “Trillion-Yuan Project”, a random survey by the Daily Economic News showed that in addition to having a soft spot for old domestic brands, “healthy , natural, whole grains, no sugar, no additives” and other selection criteria also make consumers shine. So how do you choose snacks from a healthy and nutritious point of view?

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What healthy snacks do nutritionists recommend for women?

Milk and its products

Recommendation index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The milk family is our good source of calcium and high-quality protein, including plain milk, flavored milk, plain yogurt, flavored yogurt, cheese, and more.

Women are more at risk of osteoporosis than men, so get enough calcium in your diet. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are the best dietary sources of calcium, which are not only easy to obtain, high in content, but also highly absorbed.

At the same time as supplementing calcium, you should pay attention to vitamin D supplementation, especially now that everyone is afraid of skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays when you stay outdoors, and you cannot obtain vitamin D from natural sources, so remember to take it Vitamin D supplement, 400 IU per day.

In addition, don’t ignore the added sugar contained in yogurt. If you can’t drink plain yogurt, you can add some natural fruits to it, or choose “sugar-free yogurt” with added sugar substitute.

Purchase suggestion: When purchasing, mainly look at the nutrient composition table on the package: milk should be selected with a protein content of 2.8 g/100g or more strong> products, and yogurt products with a protein content of 2.3g/100g or more. In particular, keep your eyes open and avoid the pits of milk drinks, such as sour yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, etc.

When to eat: It is not recommended to eat after dinner, but one hour before bed.

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Nuts and kernels

Recommendation index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This large family includes hazelnuts, pistachios, melon seeds, peanuts, pine nuts, peas, edamame, broad beans, etc., rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, various B vitamins and other nutrients . Vitamin E is very effective for sunburn prevention and the body’s anti-oxidation. When it is deficient, cells will appear lipofuscin similar to tissue aging.

Although this is the case, the fat content of this large family is too high, so it is recommended that you not eat more every day, that is, not more than your hand can hold a handful, otherwise it is easy to gain weight~

Purchasing Suggestions: It is recommended to buy these foods in their original flavor and in the husk. When choosing, do “see, smell, touch, pick”.


Look: If the color is particularly bright, it is recommended not to buy it, it is likely that colorants have been used.

Smell: It is recommended not to buy if the smell is particularly strong. It is likely that the essence and spices are used in excess doses to cover up the old goods.

Touch: It is recommended not to buy if it is particularly smooth. If the surface has natural lines and feels a little rough, it is mostly normal.

Pick: Be extra vigilant about nuts with insect eyes, which are mostly caused by improper storage. These nuts are easily contaminated by microorganisms such as Aspergillus oryzae, which are harmful to health .

Reminder: If you eat moldy nuts, please spit them out immediately, because such nuts contain aflatoxins, which are toxic and increase the risk of cancer.

Serving time: RecommendedEat in the afternoon or evening when you are not eating enough.

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Dried fruits

Recommendation index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dried fruits, such as raisins, dried longan, dried persimmons, dried dates, dried figs, dried apples, etc., have been used in snacks since ancient times. They taste sweet and are rich in antioxidants. ingredients, dietary fiber, and minerals to make people feel the beauty of natural food.

But dried fruit also has certain health risks:

High sugar content: It contains about 80% sugar, so it is not advisable to eat too much. People with high blood sugar should eat less. And after eating, you should clean your mouth to avoid tooth decay.

Some dried fruits are high in fat: Those snacks such as fruit and vegetable chips, dried bananas, dried taro also have certain nutritional value, but most of them are vacuum oil Fried products with a fat content of more than 15%.

These “fake fruits” have low nutritional value: Pineapple slices, dried sweet potatoes, dried kiwi fruit and the like are mostly candied fruit products, not dried fruits, and added A lot of sugar, salt, sweeteners, flavors, flavoring agents, preservatives, etc. are added, and the nutritional value is greatly reduced.

Purchasing Tips: Some unscrupulous merchants mix stale or slightly spoiled fruit when making this type of dried fruit. In order to cover up the truth, additives such as flavors and synthetic colors are added to make them bright and scented, so avoid such products when purchasing.

In addition, we cannot ignore the characteristics of high sugar, so it is recommended to choose more fresh fruits and vegetables to eat, which is safe and healthy.

Eating time:When you are hungry in the morning or afternoon, supplement blood sugar and increase satiety. It is best to eat more than three kinds of fruits per day.

All the remaining snacks that are not mentioned are recommended if you can’t eat them, including potato chips, candy, fried chicken and other high sugar, high Salt, high-fat foods; deep-processed foods such as ham, duck neck, duck wings, and dried tofu; high-sugar and high-starch foods such as twist, cookies, and cakes.

I know I have said a lot, and everyone will say that Sister Bin limits our happiness, but health requires a high degree of self-discipline, just like the muscles and posture visible to the naked eye Beauty is earned by sweat, and health is what we eat in one bite!

I hope every girl can eat more healthy snacks, occasionally eat or not eat “junk” snacks, and have a healthy body and a beautiful body~

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