This decoction is designed to disperse nodules and treat gall tumors, and can disperse hyperplasia, nodules, polyps, and fibroids.

Seaweed Jade Pot Soup. This recipe specifically treats gall tumors. What is a gall tumor? Thyroid nodules, lymphomas, and nodules that have developed into vocal cords.

A patient once said, “Teacher, a summary of my vocal cords.” I said look at it, it’s not big, the size of a soybean grain. I said do you usually have a lot of phlegm? He said, yes, teacher, how did you know?

I said that your speech is hoarse and your tongue is greasy. Therefore, it is not the most important thing for you to treat the vocal cord nodules, but the most important thing is to treat phlegm.

The seaweed jade pot soup has Pinellia tangerine peel and Fritillaria, a kind of medicine for treating phlegm. Therefore, its function is called seaweed jade pot with kelp, to resolve phlegm and disperse galls, that is to say, to resolve phlegm and dissipate stagnation.

This recipe comes from “Surgical Authenticity”, which is composed of seaweed, fritillary, tangerine peel, kelp, green peel, chuanxiong, angelica, pinellia, forsythia, licorice, solitary, kelp.

Decoction prescription: Seaweed 3g, Kelp 1.5g, Fritillaria 3g, Kombu 3g gram, tangerine peel 3 grams, green peel 3 grams, angelica 3 grams, chuanxiong 3 grams, forsythia 3 grams, pinellia 3 grams, licorice 3 grams, solitary 3 grams

It is used for the treatment of gall tumors that are initially swollen or hard but not broken. It has the functions of clearing away heat and eliminating galls, softening and dispelling knots.

you See that it has seaweed, kelp, and kelp, what are you doing?

Soft and firm. Jianjie San, phlegm cleansing. Plus Qingpi Chuanxiong Shangtong issued, solitary forsythia, dispelling wind and relieve the table. The phlegm is turbid, the knots disperse, the galls soften, and the mass disappears.

What is a jade pot? Jade pot. As this recipe works for galls.

What is a Gall? It is “a lump in the neck, large or small, unilateral or bilateral, which can move up and down with swallowing”, which is a very familiar term “thyroid nodule” succinctly summed up in vernacular.

Wang Changling once said in a poem: Luoyang relatives and friends are asking each other, a piece of ice is in the jade pot. The jade pot is a metaphor for a very noble, very clean and noble, and its efficacy can be compared with that of a jade pot.

There is a poem in the past: The eyes are like the rising moon in the sea of ​​clouds, and the heart is like a jade pot without dust. This is the cultivation of a gentleman. That is to say, these eyes are like the moon rising from the sea of ​​clouds, the moon rising from the sea, how clear and bright. If the eyes are to be repaired to be bright and clean, it is necessary to have no desires and no desires, as Dr. Sun Simiao sincerely said. If the thought of asking is too strong, the eyes will become cloudy and impatient.

The heart is like a jade pot without dust, the jade pot is ice clean, jade clean, she is not staineddust. This heart is not stained with dust, and it is very good to use this heart to do learning.

This prescription is very good for the early stage of gall and vocal cord nodules. After taking the medicine for more than a month, there is no resistance in swallowing this section, about a month.

The teacher will tell you that if you feel too much phlegm in the future, there is something stuck there, and your speech is hoarse , you can try the seaweed jade pot soup, this soup is relatively safe.

Removing phlegm, dissipating junctions and galls, and now applying it to lymph nodes and some malignant lymphomas , lymphoma.

Patients who have had lymphoma, the swollen lymph has not disappeared after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, together with the armpit There is a mass in the groin neck, spreading. Then find a Chinese medicine for conditioning, using seaweed jade pot soup.

The patient went from lack of confidence to confidence, because he insisted on taking the medicine for three months, the nodule became smaller and softer, and then After recovering basic physical strength, I can work like a normal person, and I will be fine for more than ten years after recovery.

So Seaweed Yuhu Soup helps with benign and malignant lumps in the neck, making him sick and prolonging his life.

Because after your phlegm, dampness and phlegm subside, it will become soft and firm, and it will not be big, not big for you Don’t be afraid.

In ancient times, the initial stage of a gall was either swollen or hard or red or not, as long as it has not broken open, You just use seaweed jade pot soup.

If the lump is very firm, add curcuma.

If you are upset, you can add tulips.

If the pulse is fast and sweaty, you can add Zao Ren Fu Shen.

If the tip of the tongue is red and yellow, you can add Prunella vulgaris paeonol.

If the stool is rotten, you can add Poria Atractylodes.

Poria atractylodes is very good, that is to say you want to loosen the knot, but you are afraid that his stool will be rotten, add more Poria cocos.

There is one more, because I have seen reports that seaweed Yuhu soup helps mammary gland hyperplasia. So the teacher is thinking that it should not only have a good effect on the nodules in the middle of the neck, but also on those masses in the liver.

If the primary, liver-qi stagnation, irritability, chest and ribs fullness, Sini Sanxiaoyaosan Chaihu Shugan San . If an intermediate person gets angry, his face turns red and his neck is thick, and his neck has nodules, what should I use? For this invisible air knot, use Pinellia Houpu Tang or Erchen Tang.

If it goes to the advanced level, qi stagnates for a long time, it changes from visible stagnation and bloating into visible lumps, or in the liver or in the throat, we use seaweed jade pot soup, and use these soft, firm and loose knots of.

Visible firmness can be softened and dissipated, and healing can be done in stages.

To sum up, Chinese herbal medicine classifies Haizao Yuhu Decoction as a formula for regulating Qi, which is characterized by regulating Qi and dispersing knots. This knot does not only refer to thyroid nodules. There’s a lot more on it.

1. Thyroid problems

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In ancient times, it was called gall tumor, and gall refers to the neck. Records: “Gall, neck tumor. “Gall tumor is the name of the ancients, which is equivalent to the current thyroid nodule, goiter inflammation, thyroid adenoma, goiter, etc..

2, breast hyperplasia

The two major symptoms of breast hyperplasia are breast tenderness and breast lumps. Why do many female friends experience tenderness and pain in their breasts when they are angry? On the path of the Liver Meridian, the Liver Qi moves from the bottom to the top, neither in a hurry nor at a slow pace. When a person gets angry, it will speed up its pace, trot all the way, and be in a mess. What’s the matter? It’s stuck there. , swollen and painful. Going further down, tangible mass appears.

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3. Lipoma

The essence of lipoma is the nucleus of phlegm. If you can add some medicines to soothe the liver and regulate qi while reducing the phlegm, it can play a multiplier effect with half the effort. First, the flow of qi will cause dampness; second, the liver is responsible for dredging and venting. What is the dredging of qi and blood?

About lipoma, we also have Xiangsha Liujun Pills, Xiangsha Liujun Pills are used to dissolve phlegm and dampness from the point of view of strengthening the spleen. If you usually like to be angry, but the spleen and stomach are not bad, you can consider seaweed jade pot soup.

4. Uterine Fibroids

The classic prescription for uterine fibroids is Zhang Zhongjing’s Guizhi Fuling Pill, and now there is also a Chinese patent medicine, Guizhi Fuling Pill It focuses on dispelling cold and removing blood stasis, and it focuses on combating the pathogen of cold. We all know that cold has the characteristics of stagnation and absorption, and the blood will eventually condense into tangible lumps under the invasion of cold.

Seaweed Yuhu Soup focuses on soothing the liver, regulating Qi and resolving phlegm. If you are usually more greedy for cold, you can consider Guizhi Fuling Pills. If you are more angry at ordinary times, you can consider seaweed jade pot soup. Love is angry, the spleen and stomach are very weak, and there is a Chinese patent medicine called Xuefu Zhuyu Pill.

5, polyp

PolypsWest, some grow in the gallbladder, some grow in the gastrointestinal tract, and some grow in the uterus. Western medicine has given them different names, gallbladder polyps, gastrointestinal polyps, uterine polyps, and vocal cord polyps. Chinese medicine It is treated equally, no matter where it grows, just use this seaweed jade pot soup for conditioning.


Although there are no major contraindications for daily health preservation, clinical prescriptions indicate that the patient’s body is already out of balance, and urgent solutions should be urgently needed. The discrimination of taboos should be treated dialectically.

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