“This bowl of old friend noodles, Guangxi fellows eat 5 times a week”

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Nanning·Old Friends Fan span>

It is the golden color of Nanning, Guangxi The signboardis also an equal opponent with snail noodlesis an intangible cultural heritage of NanningAnyone who doesn’t know what it is?

“Shenzhen’s best 4 old friends’ noodles are ready”

“Friends, what the hell is it?

< span>Fireworks in Nanning

In Nanning, old friends It is a life-sustaining existence. You can eat it with three meals a day. The number of local powder shops is more than that of general restaurants.
Old friend powder tastes like the temperament of the city of Nanning: sour, spicy, But the aftertaste is mellow.

Friends and Snails< /strong>What’s the difference?

1 | < /span>Different soup bases

“Fresh-fried ingredients to boil soup base”

Different from the salty and spicy snail soup with snail powder, the hot and sour taste is the base of the old friend powder. After stir-frying sour bamboo shoots, garlic rice, spicy millet, tempeh, etc., add bone broth to boil, and the ingredients are directly Determines the taste of the soup base.

2 | fans are different

“Choose Guangxi Special Flat Noodles”

On fans, they are also very different. The noodles are mostly round-headed rice noodles, with a smooth taste; the old friend noodles are flat noodles, similar to the Guangdong Kuey Teow, with a softer and more glutinous taste.
< /span>3 | different scents < br/>

“Fresh pork offal + fermented sour bamboo shoots”

Similar to snail powder, old friend powder is also inseparable from sour bamboo shoots, but it isright Different ingredients are extremely forgiving, such as lean meat, pork offal, beef and other ingredients you can think of can be added.
Old friend powder is the harmonious coexistence of ingredients, powder and soup. During the stir-frying and boiling process, the powder and ingredients absorb each other’s taste, and each other blend.

“Delicious 4 Old Friends Fans

< strong>Favourite Mazhu first!

Guangxi people in Shenzhen eat this restaurant“Nanning Old Friends Fan” span>

I can tell that this store is stable just by looking at the environment and appearance. This is what all the fan stores in Nanning look like. For a solid bowl of noodles, the most expensive price is only 15 yuan, and the price/performance ratio alone is enough.

As expected, the old friend powder is really fragrant! The soup base looks mellow, but the seasoning is appropriate. The fresh and tender pork offal, the sour and spicy of the sour bamboo shoots and the tomato, and the salty aroma of the tempeh all stand out and harmonious with each other.

The flat noodles are very juicy and delicious, you must eat them on the spot and leave them for a long time It is easy to become soft and easy to disintegrate. There are also pickled radish and lard residue in the store. It is the finishing touch after tasting it.
By the way, Taotao and I ate this bowl of noodles for about ten minutes. I felt that this bowl of noodles was like a “universe”. I couldn’t finish the noodles and I couldn’t eat the ingredients.

Nanning Old Friends Noodles (Tangwei Branch)

Address:No.3, Eighth Lane, 13th District, Tangwei Community, Fuhai Street, Bao’an District

Tel: 18777145366< /p>

Business hours:09:00-14:00,17:00-00:30 the next day

The old friend of the fan shop“Zhuangxiang Quanjufu·Guangxi Rice Noodles”< p>

Speaking of Shenzhen old friend fans, you must mention it, the old-fashioned big coffee in the snail powder industry, Bazhen old friend powder is It’s properly “carrying the handle”, one bitedown, and how manypeople’s souls are taken away.

Shrimp, oyster, fat sausage… 8 kinds of ingredients are stuffed full, with rice flavor The noodles are smooth enough, and the soup base is sour and spicy. It is no wonder that this bowl of noodles can be remembered by many people.

Zhuangxiang Quanjufu·Guangxi Rice Noodles

Address:1103-19 Nanshan Avenue, Funanshan District

Phone: 13510957288

Hours: 08:00 – 01:00 next day

p> Shenzhen’s top 1 old friends fried noodles“Shancheng Small Gathering” strong>

It is hidden deep enough, who would have thought that the king of Jianghu restaurants is actually an old friend of this dish Stir-fried noodles seem to be too ordinary to be ordinary, but only one spoonful can make Guangxi friends burst into tears.

The first sip right out of the pot is the most fragrant. Hot and sour, with a smell like snail powder, this is the smell, especially hitting my taste buds.

I have to say the pig liver inside, The taste is tender and the liver is tender! The chili sauce is also very fragrant, not spicy, the entrance is salty, fragrant and stinky, and it is comfortable from the throat to the stomach.

Mountain Town Party

< strong>Address:Shop No. 107, Building 18, Maker Town, University Town, No. 1201, Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District


Business Hours:11:00-14:00,17:00-22:00

10+ flavors of old friend powder“Friend Flavor·Nanning old friend powder”< /strong>

This shop is not too special. The winning point is probably the original flavor, pork offal, roast duck, beef, etc. 10+ flavors of old friend powder, it’s a bit hard-core.

< p>Although there are many flavors, but the old friend powder should have a little bit, and the spiciness can also be selected here. That day, I was not afraid of death and challenged it to be extra spicy. Now I see that the soup base is full of chrysanthemums A tight.

Friend Taste·Nanning Old Friends Powder

Address: Bantian Shangyuntian Boutique Hotel (Shenzhen Bantian Metro Station Store)

Phone: 18775236998

Business Hours:10:00 – 22:00

////////////// ///

As for why old friend fans are called old friend fans
Fan is as its name suggests, it’s like the old friend who has been silently accompanying you in the ups and downs of life
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What other old friend fan shops do you have in your possession?

Guess what fans will be in the next issue, Shenzhen Fan Fan Map?

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