These four types of food, kidney disease patients should quit, uremia should quit

Food is closely related to the health of the kidneys. For patients with kidney disease, some foods are not so bad for the kidneys, but the transformation of some of their components in our body will increase the burden on the kidneys. Very unfriendly to kidney patients.

Especially the following 4 types of food, it is recommended not to eat if you can.

First, cured and processed meats are not only high in salt, but also have cancer risks

The reason for avoiding these foods is that they are high salt foods, and this salt is not only the sodium chloride we eat, but also nitrite.

Not to mention that eating too much nitrite can cause cancer, just in terms of increasing the burden of renal excretion, patients with kidney disease should stay away from them.

Also, when we eat these foods, we have no control over how much salt we consume.

Patients with kidney disease, especially those with severe kidney disease, need the daily salt intake to be accurate to “grams”.

Second, the lethality of alcohol to the body is self-evident

Injures the liver , Injury nerves, affect metabolism, make the brain unresponsive and so on.

People who drink regularly will not only get fatty liver and alcoholic liver, but also have damaged kidney function. If this goes on for a long time, normal people may get uremia, and more. Not to mention patients with kidney disease themselves.

Third, various beverages, especially carbonated beverages (fat house water)

Now there are many so-called healthy drinks on the market, which are nothing more than letting you consume them under the guise of being healthy in the name of a certain ingredient. Such as sugar-free drinks, dietary fiber drinks.

From the perspective of ingredients, there may be no sugars such as sugar and sucrose that we know, but the sweetness in the drink actually adds some artificial sugar substitutes. Or food additives.

In fact, these sugar additives also need to be metabolized after entering the body.

Fourth, animal offal (the favorite of Chinese people), representative food with high purine and cholesterol

All kinds of livers, intestines, hearts, etc., are not unfamiliar to ordinary people. The downside of these foods is that they are high in purines and cholesterol, both of which are bad for your health.

It’s okay for healthy people to eat, but for patients with hyperuricemia and kidney disease, it’s better to quit.