These four kinds of secretions appear on women’s underwear, which may be signs of disease! Don’t wait, go to the doctor as soon as possible~

In life, many women will encounter the situation that their underwear is often soaked with some secretions. In high temperature weather, really span> is annoying.

But you know what? These discharges on your panties are actually a mirror of your vaginal health!

What’s the discharge on my panties?

A discharge from a woman’s underwear, usually referred to as a contaminated vaginal discharge.

Leucorrhea is a mixture of vaginal mucosal exudates, cervical canal and endometrial gland secretions.

Normal leucorrhea is white paste-like or egg white-like, highly viscous, has no odor, a small amount, and does not harm the body.

When there is inflammation in the female reproductive tract, especially vaginitis or cervicitis, the number of leucorrhea will increase significantly, and the symptoms will also occur Change.

Abnormal leucorrhea should be vigilantp 01smelly and foamy

< /p>

The secretion is yellow or yellow-green, and morphologicallythin and foamy, smells strange, and has burning or itching in the vagina, which may be “ span>Trichomonas” is doing some shit.

0strong data- 2white curd-like leucorrhea

in the form ofwhite curd-like or ointment , there are also tofu-like residues, accompanied by itching, burning, and redness of the genitals Symptoms, this suspected Candida infection, also known as mycotic vaginitis.

0white with a fishy odor

great secretion with unpleasant smell span>Foul smell, but no itching, possibly bacterial vaginitis.

04mix Bloodshot

leucorrhea is yellow and viscous, mixed with bloodshot, the blood volume is variable, It may be a symptom of chronic cervicitis.

In addition, one should also be alert to malignant Tumors, such as cervical cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal tumor, etc.

In such cases, it is best to go to the hospital for a cervical examination in time.


Protect health and do frequent checkups

Many people feel that there is no If you have sex or pay more attention to hygiene, you don’t need to have a gynecological examination.

As everyone knows, menstrual disorders, abnormal development, contact Dirty swimming pools, etc. may cause gynecological diseases.

Especially when there are some abnormalities in the body, such as still hesitant to go to a professional Seeking help will only delay the condition and even miss the best time for treatment.

Therefore, in addition to abnormal vaginal discharge, we need to pay attention to the following situations , don’t hesitate, seek medical attention in time——

01abnormal bleeding

< p> Abnormal vaginal bleeding is an important symptom of genital tract tumors.

Especially when contact bleeding or postmenopausal bleeding occurs, it is necessary to investigate cancer-related diseases in time.

When menstrual blood volume increases and menstrual periods are prolonged, be careful of uterine fibroids and other problems.

02Frequent lower abdominal pain

Pain is one of the common compression symptoms. Pay attention to.

When the lesion involves the pelvic connective tissue, pelvic wall, and compresses the ureter or rectum, or the sciatic nerve, frequent urination, urination may occur. Urgency, anal bulge, constipation, tenesmus, lower extremity swelling and pain.

Feminine Care Guide

01Wash panties

Clean and hygienic panties are the umbrella for women’s health.

When cleaning underwear, it is best to use manual scrubbing and use special underwear cleaning soap, which can Kill the pathogenic microorganisms such as mold and trichomoniasis commonly found in gynecological diseases.

And manual cleaning can increase the friction density and wash more cleanly.

The washed underwear can be placed in the afternoon sun for half an hour to fully sterilize the ultraviolet rays in the sun.

If there is no sun exposure, try to dry it in a ventilated place.

02Cleaning should be moderate

Cleaning the private parts is good for women’s health, but over-cleaning can actually hurt the body!

For healthy women, it is best not to use lotion indiscriminately. Usually, just wash the vulva with clean warm water.

Because the female vagina is an acidic environment and has a self-cleaning effect, long-term cleaning with lotion may reduce local resistance and increase infection Chance.

At the same time, it is not recommended for everyone to wash with water, which may also damage the healthy environment.

03Wear to be breathable

Because they hate secretions that wet their underwear, many women use pads, but the pads themselves are more breathable Poor, prone to vaginal inflammation.

In addition, there are many friends who like to wear tight pants, there is no extra ventilation space, and bacteria are easy to breed. Also prone to vaginitis.

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