These 6 living habits, the “sickness charm” of gout!

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A disease comparable to “Lingchi”< /span>

In the past, gout was a disease of the wealthy court, but now it has entered the homes of ordinary people. According to data from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of gout patients in my country has exceeded 80 million. At present, high uric acid has become the “fourth highest” after the “three highs”!

Why do ordinary people also get gout?

In addition to genetic factors

Life factors should not be underestimated——

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Too much meat

The diet of our ancestors was mainly cereals, but the diet of modern people is mostly meat main.

Purines in a large amount of meat will be converted into uric acid. If this dose greatly exceeds the physiological metabolism and excretion capacity, it will lead to hyperuricemia and the incidence of gout will rapidly increase .

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Too many sweet drinks

large Some sweet drinks contain “fructose syrup”, and there is a positive relationship between gout attacks and the intake of high fructose syrup.

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likes smoking and drinking

all Alcohol can trigger gout, especially beer.

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Too much fat

Obese people More prone to high uric acid. Because most of these people usually have a rich diet, excessive intake of large fish and meat, excessive intake of sweet drinks, and insufficient exercise are all factors that induce gout.

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Too little exercise

Appropriate amount Exercise can speed up metabolism and facilitate the excretion of metabolic wastes from the body, including uric acid.

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Analysis in recent years It was found that excessive stress has become one of the main factors that induce gout in young people.

Gout, these are still not edible

If you want to prevent gout attacks

You still need to avoid it——

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Don’t eat animal offal and less red meat

For gout patients For example, all kinds of animal offal, thick gravy, thick broth, fish soup, seafood soup, etc. should not be eaten.

A variety of red meat should not be eaten during acute gout attacks; during remission or hyperuricemia, the intake of red meat should be controlled within 50 grams a day.

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eat less seafood

gout In the acute stage, there are (high purine): shellfish, oysters, crabs and other shellfish; some fish, such as carp, crucian carp, yellow croaker, etc.

You can eat a small amount (medium purine): tuna, sea bass and other fish; crayfish, river shrimp, hairy crab (except crab roe), etc.

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Reduce fat intake, lose weight

Fat itself can hinder the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys, and a high-fat diet can also lead to obesity and metabolic disorders.

So eat “meat” with low fat content; use less oil for cooking, and control vegetable oil at 20-30 grams per day; eat less nuts.

We recommend keeping your weight within the normal range.

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No refined carbohydrates

Encouraged Whole grain food accounts for more than 30% of the daily staple food, and the daily dietary fiber intake reaches 25-30 grams.

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Strictly abstain from alcohol and sweet drinks

< p> Drinking alcohol increases the risk of gout attacks, especially beer, and the specific order is aged rice wine > beer > ordinary rice wine > white wine > red wine.

Patients with acute gout attack, poor medication control, or chronic tophi arthritis should strictly abstain from alcohol.

In addition, beverages with added “fructose syrup”, “white sugar” and “honey” should also be avoided.

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Do not eat dry beans, but tofu and soy milk can be eaten appropriately

Soy products are a good source of protein and can partially replace meat intake throughout the day.

In the acute phase of gout, the recommended total daily intake of purine needs to be less than 150 mg, so only eggs and milk, two foods with almost zero purine, are recommended as high-quality protein sources, and it is not recommended to eat soy products.

During the remission period of gout, the recommended total daily intake of purine is 300-600 mg, and the recommendation for blood uric acid not to drop to the normal level is 300 mg/day.

Therefore, it is recommended to consume less than 100 grams per meal for water tofu and dry tofu in the low purine group; for lactone tofu and yuba in the medium purine group, it is recommended to consume less than 50 grams per meal.

Preventing gout attacks is easy

Lifestyle adjustments

The core of preventing elevated uric acid

To prevent gout, we should start with improving our living habits

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drink enough 1500 ml of water every day

The primary task of preventing the rise of uric acid is to drink more water. The daily water intake should ensure that the urine output is above 1500 ml, which is almost equivalent to 3 bottles of mineral water.

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150 minutes of cardio per week

< p>Gout patients should do more than 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day, and keep their weight within the normal range, such as swimming, walking, dancing aerobics, practicing qigong, cycling, etc.

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eat less high-sugar foods

less Eat sweets, and ensure that each person’s daily intake of added sugar does not exceed 50 grams, preferably within 25 grams.

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