These 5 kinds of situations in the elderly, or the precursors of Alzheimer’s disease, children need to pay attention to observation

Relevant medical survey data show that for every 85 elderly people, there is one person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It will also have a huge impact on the normal work and life of children;

Also, as far as the current medical technology is concerned, there is no way to achieve the ultimate goal of curing Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, it can only be carried out by prevention and mitigation control; therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to observe some daily life phenomena of the elderly, so that better prevention can be achieved!

Elderly people with Alzheimer’s will have these symptoms at an early stage!

1. Memory impairment

The most typical symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is Continuous memory loss, weakened, there is a symptom of not remembering family members, not remembering the way home, and not knowing who you are, which is quite dangerous for the elderly.

It is easy to appear lost, so it is recommended that children mark some contact information in obvious places such as the hands of the elderly!

2. Hypokinesia

Patients with senile dementia will experience various adverse phenomena such as sluggish action, sluggish eyes in the early stage. Says immobility, walking becomes unusually slow and clumsy.

In the long run, it will not only affect the physical health of the elderly, but also affect the mental health of the elderly!

3. Language barriers

senile dementia Patients, during the course of the disease, will also have language barriers. For example, when speaking, can’t find the key point, they are always alone, or they can’t express what they want to say. , this situation of unsatisfactory words is very helpless, so family members need to be more patient, have good communication, and don’t yell, otherwise they will give this In the heart of the elderly, there is a lot of pressure!

4. Dyscalculia

People with Alzheimer’s will experience degeneration in intelligence. One of the most typical manifestations is Incorrect arithmetic work. It is difficult to do the most basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, so they will go out. When you buy something, you make a miscalculation, or make a calculation error!

This is a very helpless thing, so in the process of the flow of funds for daily household expenses, the elderly can be involved in the accounting activities of daily household expenses, so as to exercise the brain vitality of the elderly.

5. Visual impairment

Visual impairment This is particularly evident in some Alzheimer’s patients. This type of elderly often suffers from dizziness. In daily life, the most typical one is wanting to pour water, but can’t find the exact mouth of the cup, pouring it in the wrong place, the water is full, Didn’t realize it either.

Therefore, the basic physiological functions of this type of elderly have been gradually lost, and they need more accompanying family members, or professional people to take care of them!

All in all, the above symptoms may be the precursors of Alzheimer’s disease, so it is necessary to Children find out as soon as possible, so as to take the elderly to the hospital for examination and treatment, otherwise, as the disease deepens, it may lead to the emergence of such elderly people and the loss of self-care ability!

In addition, it is recommended that after entering old age, the elderly must maintain a normal and reasonable social interaction, and actively participate in some interest classes under conditions, which is also effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Must be helpful! After all, the social needs of the elderly also need to be met.