These 4 things are natural “penicillin”, which women usually eat to reduce inflammation and sterilize, and prevent gynecological diseases.

We all know that penicillin is a very good anti-inflammatory drug. This food containing natural penicillin, these 4 things are natural “penicillin”, women usually eat, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, gynecological diseases or dare not disturb!

1. Lotus Leaf >

Lotus leaf is also a natural penicillin. Women insist on drinking some lotus leaf soaked in water in the morning and evening. It has a good diuretic and disinfection effect and can help toxins quickly excrete from the body. Some germs are also excreted along our urine. Not only that, lotus leaves can also remove moisture and have a good weight loss effect. Women may wish to eat more, or help you stay away from gynecological diseases.


strong>Pueraria is sweet and acrid in taste, cool in nature, can relieve muscle and reduce fever, promote body fluid and quench thirst, raise yang and stop diarrhea. Pueraria root contains a variety of nutrients that can supplement hormone levels in women. Especially in menopausal women, as the age increases, the secretion of estrogen is less and less. Eating Pueraria lobata in daily life can prevent this from happening, sterilize and reduce inflammation, and also prevent various ovarian diseases and keep away from gynecological inflammation.


strong>Garlic is also called natural penicillin, and if you eat some garlic regularly, it can also help us to sterilize and reduce inflammation. Not everyone likes to eat garlic. Many people hate its taste and find it very pungent, but they do not know that as a condiment and vegetable, the efficacy of garlic cannot be ignored by people. It is also because the allicin contained in garlic is very rich, which can help us sterilize and reduce inflammation, and can also prevent the risk of cancer in the body to a certain extent.

4. Black Dates

Black Dates are warm in nature and sweet in taste. The effect of nourishing the stomach can beautify the face, delay aging, and increase the vitality of the body. Regular consumption of dried black jujube can also regulate irregular menstruation and protect the uterus. Palace cold is the root cause of female aging. Women with palace cold eat it to cleanse and beautify the face. It can also inhibit bacteria and reduce inflammation, helping you stay away from gynecological inflammation.

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