These 4 kinds of sticky vegetables can strengthen the spleen, nourish the stomach, and relax the bowels! Eat right now

Speaking of okra, I have to mention its sticky texture, and because of this feature, people who love it find it particularly delicious, while those who don’t like it are disgusting to death.

In the vegetable market, we also encounter several kinds of vegetables with a sticky texture like okra. Why do they have this peculiar taste? In fact, it is mainly because of the polysaccharides it contains. It is a kind of plant dietary fiber. Although it is difficult to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it has the effect of maintaining intestinal health and promoting gastrointestinal motility. In addition, in addition to laxatives, these vegetables also have a good moisturizing effect, so you can eat some in the spring dry season. Let’s see what kind of food is there~

Yam Yam has been a good product with the same origin of medicine and food since ancient times. Chinese medicine believes that yam is flat in nature, sweet in taste, and has the functions of strengthening the spleen, invigorating the stomach, nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the kidney; it is mainly used for diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, diabetes, nocturnal emission, and vaginal discharge.

Yam is rich in starch, mucus juice, amino acids, saponins, choline, vitamins B, C and various minerals, and it tastes good whether it is cooked in soup or fried. ★ Tips: Saponin in yam peel or plant alkaloids in mucus can easily cause skin allergies. It is best to wear gloves or a bag over your hands when peeling raw yam. If you accidentally develop an allergy, rice vinegar can be applied evenly to the itchy skin to relieve discomfort.

Gumbo Okra has become popular in recent years, becoming a household name “vegetable star”, and also occupying a place in supermarkets and dining tables. The dietary fiber contained in okra is particularly high, containing 3.9 grams in 100 grams. Therefore, okra is particularly effective in laxative. There are many ways to eat okra, such as salads, soups, etc. Among them, cold okra is a simple method with the least loss of nutrients – just wash the okra, throw it into boiling water and scald it, and then eat it with soy sauce.

★ Tips: The okra should be fresh and tender, and try not to pick too long (below 10cm) when choosing. Because okra bruises extremely easily and the bruised area can turn black within a few hours, be extra careful in the selection process. When storing in the refrigerator, it is best to store okra in a ziploc bag and try to lay them flat in a single row without squeezing them.

Agaric fungus is a vine-type vegetable with many branches, so it can also be used to green garden balconies. As an edible vegetable, it has the functions of strengthening the brain, strengthening the body, and strengthening the body. Because of the mucus it contains, it is fragrant, smooth and delicious whether it is fried or made in soup. Moreover, the nutrient content of fungus is extremely rich, especially the content of calcium, iron and other elements is the highest, people with calcium deficiency and iron deficiency anemia can eat more in moderation. ★ Fungus vegetable and tofu soup – heat the pot with a little oil, add shredded onion and ginger and stir-fry until fragrant, pour in the broth and some boiling water to boil, add tofu, salt and other seasonings and cook for 2 minutes, finally add the fungus vegetable, add sesame oil and serve .

Traditional Chinese medicine of loofah believes that loofah is sweet in taste and cool in nature, and has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, invigorating the bowels, removing phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying.

Luffa loofah contains loofah glycosides, loofah bitterness, citric acid and other substances, which are good for maintaining metabolism and improving immunity. ★Scrambled eggs with loofah – Peel the loofah, cut it into pieces, and shred the ginger. Beat the eggs and fry them into egg droplets. In a pot with shredded ginger, add the loofah and fry until cooked; add salt and water, stir in the eggs and stir-fry well.

Source/Health Daily Push