There are many rejection reactions in the process of treatment that are difficult for patients to understand

From common sense, the purpose of taking medicine after being sick is to cure the disease, and the disease causes pain. Is the process of healing a process of gradually reducing pain?

According to normal thinking, this is the case, but the law of development of things is often different from what everyone imagines. There is a saying in the book of Shang: Medicine does not disease dizziness; Although there are not many people who know this sentence, in general, most people still know that there will be some expelling reactions during the treatment process, but it only stays on the surface. Dizzy reaction, heart can not help but murmur.

To give a simple rejection reaction of fever, often encountered with a cold and fever, many people’s reaction is to take medicine to reduce fever, and Western medicine has special antipyretic drugs. But many times, after your fever subsides, your body may not get better, and it will take about a week to stop before it recovers. Some even continued to have a fever for two days.

In this case, under the premise of taking Chinese medicine correctly, there is a high probability that the patient will have a fever again. Continue to take the medicine, the wind and cold will dissipate, and the cold will recover. When not aware of this situation, especially the parents of children, they will panic and even feel that the wrong medicine is used.

Actually, fever is a normal response of the body’s immune system. When the immune system is suppressed, a person will lose the ability to have a fever, that is, the immune system cannot resist. The Western medicine system also recognizes this. Among the cancer patients, it is often within 5 years of the cancer that they will no longer have a fever. That is, the immune system is not resistant,

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Just like a fight, one side is too weak and loses the ability to resist.

In the process of body conditioning, this phenomenon is often observed, and after the wind-cold accumulated in the body is separated from the cold phlegm, there is a case of internal cold. , also have a fever.

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other reactions, as mentioned in the previous article, when the waste in the body is being cleaned up, some phlegm in the upper and middle burners will Causes vomiting, and the phlegm in the abdominal cavity causes abdominal pain, and the suffocation of turbid air can cause dizziness.

Some people may not understand, but these things have always existed in the body, and usually there will be no such reactions? That’s because when you don’t touch these wastes, these wastes in your body are in a state of stillness or equilibrium. When you take medicine, this state is broken, and these reactions will occur.

There are also some reactions, which will be very uncomfortable when they occur, such as stones. The reaction of kidney stones is often found in clinical practice. Many patients do not know that they have kidney stones when they are conditioning their bodies. When the circulation of qi and blood in the kidney is restored, the kidney qi is restored, and the evil heat is relieved, some kidney stones will automatically come out, and in the process of coming out, there will be sudden back pain.

An interesting case happened. A student who studied broadcasting had a hoarse voice and had difficulty speaking. At that time, one day, he suddenly had unbearable back pain. He went to the hospital for a CT examination and found that he had kidney There was a cyst. In fact, after the stone came out, I didn’t find it. It was the trace left by the stone. The stone was discharged, and the natural kidney had recovered. The Shaoyin meridian passed through the throat, and the patient’s voice returned to normal.

I have encountered many cases of powdery objects in urine, which actually means that the stones have been dissolved.

Blood in the stool, if there is congestion in the digestive tract, there is no doubt that these congestions will be cleaned up, and people are often puzzled by a large amount and a color similar to fresh blood . Some are spray-like.

The body has various reactions, but many times it is difficult to distinguish the wrong response from the treatment, and understanding and distinguishing what is the right response and what is the wrong response , is the key to choosing a good Chinese medicine.

Many times, these rejections are misunderstood, leading you to not find a good doctor.

My own medical experience has proved this well. At the beginning, some patients who received online consultations did not understand these reactions, so some of them were very aggressive and scolded me on the Internet. After 2 months, my body got better, and I came back to my senses. Please come back to me. There were a lot of such cases at the beginning, but gradually less and less.

It is difficult to find a good doctor, but have you ever thought that it is also difficult to be a good doctor? I will gradually analyze the principles of these body reactions and announce them here. Let everyone gradually understand how your disease can be cured, so that when other good Chinese medicine practitioners encounter you in the future, the work progresses more smoothly.

The current situation is that it is difficult for you to find healthy people. After the age of 40, almost everyone is in an unhealthy state. Therefore, as a Chinese medicine practitioner, as long as you have sufficient medical skills, It is enough to support myself and my family by practicing medicine in a branch. It may not be possible to be a rich man, but there is no problem in reaching a middle income.

If medical skills are temporarily insufficient, just go and learn. The reason why medical skills are not attainable is not that you do not study hard, but that what you study is wrong. If you work hard, it is medical skills If you don’t make progress, it means that you are studying in the wrong direction.

Many people make Chinese medicine too mysterious. What needs understanding? It does not mean that every Chinese medicine practitioner needs to reach the level of a master before he can practice medicine. General body treatment, The predecessors have enough experience to use it, you can learn it by hand. This does not require too much wisdom. To be a basic Chinese medicine, ordinary people can learn.

Learn Chinese medicine, first learn typhoid fever, you spend ten years to study typhoid fever, and you don’t learn anything else. There is no problem in dealing with clinical medicine. If you want to become a master and leave a name in the history of medicine, this requires understanding and wisdom. General Chinese medicine can be learned. The most important thing is to choose the right direction and focus on typhoid fever.

Being a good Chinese medicine practitioner does not require any routines, just be honest, and you can practice medicine in branches. Living a relaxed and comfortable life without pressure Is it not good?

Medical skills can be passed on, and so will the patients. Your medical skills are qualified. In many cases, patients from a family of 3 generations follow you to treat diseases. Your children have learned it. It’s all free, you just need to pass down the medical skills. What wealth can be compared to this?

The only work that needs to be done is to let everyone learn how to distinguish between true and false medical skills. Now that information is developed and the speed of Internet dissemination is beyond imagination, I also believe that there will be many good doctors. Do this work, spread the correct TCM treatment methods and principles, and gradually everyone will accept this correct concept, and it will no longer be like our generation. scold.

But people generally have a conscience. When they find out that they have misunderstood you, they will apologize. It is just that the preliminary work is a little difficult, and it will be fine after this stage.

Xu Wenbing’s first three years of business were very difficult, and he has survived these three years by teaching foreigners Chinese medicine. Isn’t everything going well now?

As a patient, I am very aware of the difficulties I will encounter on the road to seeking a doctor. The current situation is that there is no way to do it. There are indeed too few good Chinese medicine practitioners. It is even more necessary for everyone to understand some correct knowledge of the body’s rejection reaction. Only in this way, as long as you encounter this opportunity, you can quickly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine. It will not delay for a long time, waste money, and delay the disease.

Attached some simple patient-reported physical responses for your reference:

Patients 1 2017-10-27 18:20:11
I went to the toilet this morning and pulled out some dried blood powder, very little, like chalk dust, there are Sometimes I can feel a tight feeling from the top of my stomach to the middle of my body, like the feeling of palpitations in my chest before

Patient 2 2018-03-28 07:48 :30

Daoist, hello, I only took one and a half doses of the medicine you prescribed, last night. I finally fell asleep, I slept ok, just had a lot of dreams, and then I went to the toilet just now, and I just started to pull out pure white phlegm, without any stool, pure white phlegm, this is the first time, and then urinating And the stool is slightly difficult, and it takes force to come out

Patient 2 2018-04-30 08:50:02

Dr. Pan, hello, the medicine for moisturizing the lungs that I drank a few days ago is very effective, the symptoms of thirst have been relieved, and then the bowel is cleared. I started to take the medicine and vomited again. I didn’t eat lunch. I started to pull water as soon as I took it. A lot of water. On the second day and the third day, I took the transparent phlegm. After eating in the afternoon, I started to have stomach pains, bursts of cramping pains, water and phlegm, but not much. I ate a fruit when I went to bed at night. After eating, I still have labor pains and a rumbling stomach, and then I woke up this morning. , pulled out a long and thick whole piece of phlegm. It was the whole type. There were several pieces. People who saw it were afraid. Then the urine turned yellow, which should be the problem of the bowel cleansing medicine. The urine was burning hot, like inflammation.

Patient 3 2022-4-17 16:30:42

Dr. Pan: My hemorrhoids are good It is a lot, sometimes it will fall out a little when I defecate, the rest is in good condition, and there is no blood in the stool.
I had my period this week, and I stopped taking the medicine for a week. The hemorrhoids came out the night before yesterday. I had a lot of blood in the stool yesterday morning. , pressing the stomach before defecation helps to defecate. I don’t know if this affects the patient.

Patient 4 2021-09-04 11:21:39

Hello Dr. Pan, I don’t know if it’s because of the increase in the dosage of the drug in the past two days, which caused the stool to be drained every day, and it was discharged before I got to the bathroom. The fan blows on the bean-sized sweat, and after the stomach has a gas-like pain, there is a little stool (basically water mixed with fecal residue) after the release. I can’t hold it anymore, I get up, and then ten minutes or half an hour. Then repeat the above process. Too painful,

Patient 4 2021-12-18 15:38:57
Hello, Dr. Pan, this course of treatment is almost the same again. The main reason is that the stool is not formed. If you want to have a bowel movement, you have to go to the bathroom quickly. After pulling it a little, you can’t pull it out again. You can’t get up for a long time.

Patient 4 2022-04-04 15:59:51
Hello Dr. Pan, this course of medicine is almost the same, and the body’s reaction is basically the same as before. Fortunately, the wound at the anus is getting smaller, from flaky to punctate.

The fourth patient is a patient who was admitted after surgery for middle-advanced rectal cancer. It has been treated for more than 4 years, and the previous reaction was even more unpleasant. But cancer has basically lifted the alarm, and it has been worthwhile to suffer for a few years.