The woman climbed Mount Tai for 7 hours to watch the sunrise at night, but she saw an army of “selfie sticks”

Recently, a woman climbed Mount Tai at night for 7 hours to watch the sunrise, but she saw a video full of “selfie sticks” that attracted attention on the Internet, and some netizens left a message in the comment area saying that they were also watching the sun on Mount Tai. When I went down the mountain, I was blocked and couldn’t walk.

The video shows that in the Zhanlutai scenic spot of Mount Tai, there are densely packed tourists, and some even climbed the high stones, occupying the viewing area. The vantage point of the sunrise. Most of the tourists are holding up their mobile phones and selfie sticks, ready to take pictures of the sunrise, which is a spectacular scene.

Jiupai News contacted Ms. Yang, the photographer of the video. She introduced that she was from Liaocheng, Shandong, and planned to climb Mount Tai a long time ago. Came with friends. At 7 pm on the 23rd, they started the night climb from the Red Gate of Mount Tai, and did not reach the Zhanlutai scenic spot until 2 am the next day.

Ms. Yang took this video when the sun was about to rise at 5 am. She said that there were many tourists watching the sunrise at Zhanlutai at that time, and she was very shocked and worthwhile to see such a scene. “Although I didn’t see the sunrise process, the scenery on the top of the mountain is really beautiful, the mountains and rivers are vast, and it is always worth our trip.”

According to Shandong Radio and Television Station, with the arrival of summer vacation, the number of tourists in Mount Tai scenic spot has increased significantly. At the end of June, the passenger flow of Taishan Scenic Spot had exceeded 10,000, and the most one day reached more than 18,000, which recovered and exceeded the passenger flow in the same period before the epidemic. Jiupai News contacted Taishan Scenic Spot. The staff said that it is currently in the summer vacation. The Taishan Scenic Spot has a large number of tourists every day, and many tourists watch the sunrise. Tourists who want to hike and watch the sunrise can choose to open from 24 hours. The red door to enter the scenic spot.

Jiupai news intern reporter Li Yunqing

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