The Weight of a Great Power@Common Prosperity|The story of the common prosperity between Yang Senquan, the “leader” of the economic industry of Dongtou beautiful beach and the “Blue Bay”


Today, the publicity campaign with the theme of “Weight of Great Powers@Common Prosperity” was officially launched in Dongtou, Wenzhou. At the launching ceremony, Yang Senquan, the “leader” of the economic industry of the beautiful beach in Dongtou District, Wenzhou City, described the butterfly change of Chive Ao Beach:

After contracting the beach here, although the process of starting a business was difficult, we successively introduced water sports, fireworks, folk performances, music festivals and other Internet celebrity elements to make this place an Internet celebrity attraction in Wenzhou City. A popular check-in place on Yin and Xiaohongshu. We have also linked with the nearby Dongao Village and Dongtou Village to form a tourism “starlight line”, which has been listed on the Zhejiang Beautiful Village Night Economy Boutique Line, and strive to drive the tourism in Dongtou from “daytime travel” to “nighttime travel”. Tour” extension. After the development of the beach, many farmers have an annual income of no less than 100,000 yuan for each beach homestay, and the rent of farm houses in the village has increased by nearly 20 times compared with a few years ago.

(Blue Media Alliance·Dongtou District Rong Media Center)< /span>