The weather is still very hot, but the sunset is beautiful, look here →

The hot summer continues

but every evening

the heat wave gradually subsides

the sky in Jiashan welcomes a colorful sunset< /section>

Orange red, golden yellow, azure and other colors

Smudge and interweave into a picture

soft And the magnificent beautiful scroll

Photo by Hu Lingxiang in the Pearl of Water Township

Hu Lingxiang in Luoxing Street

Photographed by Xu Hao at Hongxi Junction

One after another is covered with burning clouds Sky

Warm and gorgeous

Weaving the sky into a beautiful brocade

Photo by Gu Jianhua Sunshine West Road, County City

Photo by Jiang Zhong in Fenghua Community, Luoxing Street, sea span>

Clouds, sunset, scattered high-rise buildings

like a retro psychedelic filter< /p>

oil painting-like texture

brings infinite tranquility

Xu Hao at Jiashan County No. 2 Senior High School

Xu Hao photographed west of Hehuayuan Road, Weitang City

Photo by Shi Jingya in Luo Xingjie Renmin Avenue

The rich orange light colors the clouds

The fine golden light covers every corner< /span>

Little Bridge and Liushui Family

It is so beautiful at this moment

Jin Yiren was photographed in Xitang Ancient Town Scenic Area

Jin Yiren was photographed at the main entrance of Xitang

The gentle pink smeared the whole sky

At that moment

seems to forget all troubles

healed instantly

< p>

Hu Lingxiang at Renmin Avenue, Luoxing Street

Photographed by Hu Lingxiang in the demonstration area Jiashan Exhibition Hall

Photo by Che Guokang in Ma Mingyang

The sparkling water surface

under the twilight of the setting sun

shows a brilliant orange color

unique tenderness

makes time seem to stand still at this moment

Shen Xuehua at Taozhuang Fenhu

Jin Yiren was photographed in Ma Mingyang

Jiashan under the sunset light

Each frame is a beautiful blockbuster

Why not stop the hasty footsteps

Quietly Enjoy this romance in the sky

Popular Science Time< /strong>

Why is it that the hotter the day is, the more beautiful the sunset is?

How is the sunset formed?

Actually, sunsets are created by the scattering of sunlight.

It is understood that the visible light of the sun is composed of seven colors, of which purple and blue light waves are the shortest, and red and orange light waves are the longest. When sunlight penetrates the atmosphere, the various colors of light are scattered, the light with short wavelengths is more easily scattered, and the light wavelengths are more easily retained. In the evening, the sunlight is slanted, and the scattering effect is more obvious.

In addition to the influence of the subtropical high pressure, the sky is clear, the air transmittance is good, and light penetrates the atmosphere more easily. Higher ground temperatures and higher water vapor make it easier to form cloudy clouds in the sky.

(Blue Media Alliance·Jiashan County Media Center)

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