The United States reports the first death of a child with unknown cause of hepatitis, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeds 20

Overseas Network, April 29. According to a report by Fox News on the 28th, a health alert issued by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services on the 27th showed that the first unexplained childhood hepatitis death in the United States occurred in the United States. The cause of death may be related to adenovirus .

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States, as of the 28th, more than 20 cases of childhood hepatitis have been reported in at least Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services said on the 27th that of the four confirmed cases in the state, one required a liver transplant and one died.

The World Health Organization released a report on the 23rd showing that there are currently 169 cases of childhood hepatitis of unknown etiology found worldwide. . The WHO also said the confirmed cases were spread across 12 countries, of which 74 had tested positive for adenovirus, and the vast majority of reported cases had not been vaccinated against the new crown virus. (Overseas Network/Zhang Qi Intern Compilation/He Siqi)