The trend of domestic products in the new era, the century-old Bian Fu Mao is reborn, the spring of the old brand

With the development of the times, Hangzhou Bianfumao, a century-old brand, has once again returned to the public’s vision. Cloth shoes have now become a popular style in the market. Bian Fumao’s past and present life can be said to be very inspirational. Based on the concept of quality and service first, Bian Fumao has finally radiated new vitality after a hundred years.

Bian Fumao is an old brand in Hangzhou. Most of the elderly in Hangzhou We all know that Bian Fumao is a cloth shoe brand. It was founded by the founder Bian Chunhao in 1911. At that time, it was the third year of Xuantong during the Qing government period. Man makes cloth shoes.

Later, because of the superb technology and quality assurance, Bian Chunhao’s shoe stall became bigger and bigger, and finally he built a storefront, which started Bian Fumao’s century-old shoe store history. The reputation first, the quality first, This is the secret of Bian Fumao’s ability to return to the trendy market of domestic products after a hundred years of history.

Nowadays, Bian Fumao is the new successor Mr. Zhang Ailin Under the leadership of the company, walking on the road of building a national brand of domestic products, a good pair of cloth shoes can ensure the comfort and health of the footsteps. Compared with modern industrial shoes, the characteristics of cloth shoes are that they are light, not tired, and comfortable to wear.

Now is the era of national trends, many Time-honored brands have once again stood on the trend vane. A pair of cloth shoes can also become a very good fashion item after matching. After the changes of the times, cloth shoes such as Bian Fumao finally no longer represent the “old fashioned” of the past, but become a trend. part of it.