The Tang Dynasty poet wrote “if the sky is in love, the sky is also old”, no one can answer it, the great man took over the next half of the sentence after a thousand years

In ancient China, people were either for a career or for a living. How many people can guard the countryside, sit and watch the flowers bloom and fade, and look up at the clouds and clouds?

In those days, Bai Juyi likened the wandering life to the grass in the late autumn that bid farewell to the roots: “The roots are scattered as nine autumn plants.” Wen Tianxiang likened it to the duckweed on the water with the wind and waves: “Life experience is ups and downs, rain hits Ping” actually? Life is a very heavy topic, how can it be so light and elegant?

In the early winter of AD 810, 21-year-old Li Heping a song “Henan Prefecture Examination in December Music Ci” successfully won the first prize in the prefectural examination:

“You have a big heart and a big heart, so don’t forget that the singer’s surname is Li.” p>

The wood show will be destroyed by the forest wind. Li He doesn’t know that because of his excellence, a conspiracy based on him is brewing.

“Li He’s father’s name is ‘Jinsu’, which is homophonic with ‘jinshi’. Li He came to take the jinshi examination, which is a great insult to his father, and is seriously unfilial!”,

Li He was disqualified from the exam as expected—the conspiracy was successful, Li He’s career was interrupted.

Although the predecessor Han Yu tried his best to save him and wrote “Sophistry” to hold his injustice, it still did not help, and the fact that he avoided the name was something that existed in ancient times. At the same time, he was afraid that this young man would never recover. He hoped that he could become a peerless talent and shine in the Tang Dynasty. After all, he admired Li He’s talent so much:

Han Yu knew about Li He’s talent at an early age. , At an early age, he could recite poems and write poems, calligraphy was good, and he had a heart for acquaintance. I visited with my friend Huangfu Huang. This visit really refreshed my understanding of Li He.

Li He was excited about Han Yu’s arrival and immediately composed a song “Gao Xuan Guo”:

The Chinese robes are woven as green as green onions, and the golden rings press the bridles delicately.

The rumble of the horse’s hoofs makes it sound like a rainbow.

Yun is a genius in Tokyo and a great writer.

Twenty-eight sutras have the heart of Luo, and the nine essences shine through them.

In front of the hall, there is a fuming sound, and the pen complements the creation of the sky.

Pang Mei Shuke feels the autumn awning, who knows that the dead grass will give birth to the flowery style.

My wings are now attached to Minghong, and in the future I will not be ashamed of snakes and dragons

The two praised again and again: “a genius well-deserved, and will definitely shine in the future”

As expected, 12 years later, Li He visited and brought his own masterpiece


“Yanmen Prefect’s Journey”

The city was about to be destroyed by black clouds, and the golden scales of Jiaguang opened to the sun.

The sound of horns fills the sky with autumn colors, stuffed with yanzhi and night purple.

The half-rolled red flag is approaching Yishui, and the frost is heavy and the drum is cold.

Report your favor on the golden stage, and help Yulong die for the king!

At that moment, Han Yu felt as if he was outside the Great Wall:

Blood and military flags flew together, looking around, the night was the same color as the city walls, the drums were low, the horns were shrill, the soldiers armed with cold swords, bloody killing the enemy, fighting for the country, laying down millions of corpses, bleeding thousands of miles . It is unprecedented to be able to write the frontier fortress so vigorously and magnificently, and yet so drearily and mottled!

Han Yu deeply understands: This person will be famous for thousands of years.

Li He became famous because of this poem, which also attracted the conspiracy and frame of villains, and finally could not participate in the scientific examination.

All kinds of humiliation and depression prompted him to write a song “To Wine”

A glass of wine is late, and the host welcomes the guests to live a long life.

The master’s father was unable to return from the journey to the west, and his family broke the willow in front of the door.

I heard that Ma Zhou was a newcomer in the past, and no one knew it.

Empty will write two lines of writing on the paper, directly committing the crime of Longyan asking for grace.

I’m fascinated, the rooster screams and the world is white.

Young people should take the cloud in their minds.

Reality is always cruel, under the strong recommendation of Han Yu, Although Li He got the official position of a Jiupin Fengli Lang, he was just doing some sacrificial ritual management work every day, which was boring and boring. For the ambitious Li He, this is simply overkill and a waste of life.

After suffering for three years, Li HeshenThe health is getting worse and worse, and the confidence in the future is gradually losing. So, in AD 813, Li He sadly left Chang’an for Luoyang.

Poetry Ghost Li He wrote “If the sky is in love, the sky is also old” , No one can answer, after a thousand years, the great man took the second half of the sentence

On the way to Luoyang, Li He wrote a classic masterpiece in his life, “Golden Bronze Immortals Ci Han Song”. Although the poet died at the age of 27, this Tang poem has been famous for thousands of years. The 7 words in the poem were copied directly by the great man. The whole poem is as follows:

Liu Lang in Maoling is a guest in autumn, and there is no trace of the neighing of horses at night.

The osmanthus in the painting column hangs autumn fragrance, and the thirty-sixth palace is full of earth and flowers.

Wei Guan pointed the car for thousands of miles, and the sour wind of Dongguan shot his eyes.

The empty general Hanyue left the palace gate, recalling Junqing’s tears like lead water.

Xianyang sees off guests on Xianyang Road.

The moon is desolate, and Weicheng is far away.

For this A poem that many people may not be familiar with. However, as long as you mention one of the ancient sayings “if the sky is in love, the sky is also old”, then no one knows it and no one knows it. However, many people know this famous sentence through the ages, not because of Li He’s poem, but because of the great man’s “If the sky is in love, the sky is also old, and the right path in the world is vicissitudes.”

The story of “Golden Bronze Immortal” It expresses a kind of mourning for the subjugation of the country, and Li He’s poem is to express a dignified feeling intertwined with the pain of the family and the country and the grief of life experience through the “sudden tears” of the immortal Jintong.

Li He’s poetry is full of joys and sorrows in the world

“I advise you to be drunk all day long, and the wine will not reach Liu Ling’s grave.”

Although he only lived for 27 years, he left the world for a thousand years.
In this era of everyone’s mobile phone and everyone’s small video, those who are full of poetry and literature are undoubtedly different and attractive. Ancient poetry can soak your heart and make you have a good outlet. Knowledge and agile talent can make your temperament unparalleled.

Ordinary people who come to Jiangnan Town will only say, so beautiful;
A child who is proficient in poetry and prose like Wu Yishu opens his mouth to say: leisurely dreams of Jiangnan plums are ripe, and night boats play flute and rain.
Ordinary people will only say wow when they see the sea.
Like Lei Haiwei who is familiar with poetry and books, can he truly understand what it is. Luoxia and Lonely fly together, and the autumn waters are the same color as the sky. .
Ordinary people appreciate the fireworks in the sky, but only say that they look good;
A student like Chen Geng who never leaves his hand can recite it casually. .

No matter adults or children, we should never forget our country gem. This year, the Ministry of Education also issued a new reform regulation. Starting from the new semester this year, the content of ancient poetry in primary and secondary schools will be increased. The proportion of ancient poetry in the examination will reach 50% of the entire test paper, and the content of ancient poetry will be added to the first grade.

There are so-called “people” in every era, and these ancient poems that have been handed down are the ones that we should treasure carefully!

“The book you read, the road you traveled, It’s all hidden in your temperament.”

Many professors have been encouraging people today to read more ancient poetry, from three-year-old children to the elderly, they can discover themselves and find interest in ancient poetry.

Ancient poetry can not only increase knowledge and insight, but also intangible Develop a person’s temperament. We can see this from the talented Dong Qing.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the influence of ancient culture. CCTV held a Chinese Poetry Conference. The program team introduced and improved the “Flying Flower Order”, setting a keyword for each competition, no longer only using the word “flower”, but adding “cloud”, “spring” and “month”. “Night” and other high-frequency words appear in poems.

After the contestants on the field complete the answers, the contestant with the highest score and the first place in the group of 100 will come to the middle of the stage and take turns to recite the verses containing keywords until one of them cannot recite them, then the The other side wins. The winner goes straight to the leader.

< p>This set is based on the traditional poetry and cultural game “Feihualing” (Feihualing was originally a word game played by the ancients when they were drinking and drinking. The famous sentence “Spring City is full of flying flowers”.) The classic poetry readings are used to draw out a lot of poetry through games, so that we can understand the ancient poetry and memory, and we can also learn some ancient historical customs, human geography, and expand our knowledge.