The spleen and stomach are weak, the more you make up, the more empty you become? Traditional Chinese Medicine: The spleen and stomach are divided into different situations, and it is effective to supplement the right ones.

Recently, many patients have left messages in the background saying that when their spleen and stomach are uncomfortable, they will buy some medicines to treat the spleen and stomach according to their symptoms, but after taking them for a period of time, But there is no effect, and some patients even come to the doctor after blindly taking the medicine and having a problem.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry”, and the treatment of the spleen and stomach must first identify the cause. Generally speaking, most of the problems in the spleen and stomach are caused by a weak spleen. Therefore, the concept of strengthening the spleen and assisting the movement and treating the deficiency of the spleen and stomach is used to select medicines, but they are also divided into many kinds of conditions. Here are some common stomach problems.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach

< strong>Performance: Abdominal pain and distention, loss of appetite, lack of thirst, cold limbs, stomach pain, chills, etc.

Treatment Then: Wenzhong Jianzhong

Drug reference: Astragalus JianzhongW

Deficiency of Stomach Yin

Symptoms: Pain in the epigastric cavity, burning pain, dry stool, loss of appetite, upset stomach, slight Stomach bloating, dry mouth, body weight loss, lack of urination, etc. after eating data-track=”11″>Drug Reference:YinYinW

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Spleen-Yang Deficiency

Symptoms: Limbs are not warm , like warmth and massage, abdominal pain, loose stools or undigested food, or edema, or women have a lot of water, fear of cold, difficulty urinating, etc.

< strong>Treatment principle: Invigorating the spleen and nourishing qi

Drug reference: Lizhong W, Fuzi Lizhong W

< h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right">Spleen yin deficiency

Symptoms: Noisy in the stomach, decreased eating, abdominal distension after eating, Dry tongue, constipation, muscle wasting, etc.

Treatment: nourishing yin and strengthening spleen

Drug Reference:Shenling Baizhu W, Zisheng W

Spleen deficiency

Performance: loose stools, physical fatigue, abdominal distension, decreased diet, body weight loss, lack of breath and lazy speech, mental fatigue, etc.

Treatment principle: Spleen and Qi

Drug reference: SijunziW

The above are several common spleen and stomach problems in life. Here I remind everyone that professional things should be left to professional people, especially those related to medical treatment. Do not use drugs blindly.