The South Commercial Street of Juguo Ancient City is open, and the cultural signs of thousands of years are shining again.

This article is reproduced from: People’s Daily Online-Shandong Channel

Ju County, July 24th, People’s Daily Online On the morning of July 24th, the opening of the South Commercial Street in the ancient city of Juguo and the launch of the summer cultural and art exhibition, this Detonating the summer cultural feast, it will continue to work on this big article on the integration of culture and tourism, and further call the golden signboard of “three thousand years of ancient city, four thousand years of ginkgo, and five thousand years of writing”. County leaders such as Wang Xia, Chen Zhenhua, Xu Houqian, Lu Zhaomei, and Mou Yaowen were present.

Lan Qingshuo, member of the Standing Committee of the Juxian County Party Committee, head of the Propaganda Department, and deputy county magistrate, emphasized in his speech that we should take this The event is a new starting point, and the big article on the integrated development of culture and tourism will further promote the golden signboard of “3,000-year-old ancient city, 4,000-year-old ginkgo, and 5,000-year-old writing”, and truly let the ancient city of Juguo benefit millions of Juxian people!

Xu Houping, Executive Deputy Commander of Juguo Ancient City Construction Headquarters and Director of Juguo Ancient City Management Service Center, introduced the relevant situation of the ancient city in the past year. Representatives of citizens and merchants made speeches respectively.

It is reported that from July 24th, Juguo Ancient City will start a new model of investment promotion in the southern district, and successively launch the cruise experience project of the internal water system. A series of summer cultural activities such as Bajing Chaowan Market. During the period, the wonderful performances will not stop, the business activities will be uninterrupted, and the colorful cultural and artistic feast will take you to share the passionate summer carnival. Juguo Ancient City Commercial Street is waiting for you!

At 8:08 in the morning, the ceremony kicked off in the performance of “King Ju Welcomes Guests”. Welcome visitors from all over the world. The actors are dressed in red and dance, and the classical and magnificent melody reverberates in your ears, as if you will travel through a thousand years, dream back to spring and autumn, and be in a thick and distant historical scene.

The performances on the stage are also not to be missed, with song and dance performances divided into morning and evening sessions. The actors presented their graceful dancing postures and melodious singing to the audience. Wenchang Pavilion Square was crowded with people, and the ancient city was full of joy.

The singing is clear and the boat is full Drifting, the rocking boat experience project that I have been thinking about is officially launched. On the boat, while admiring the scenery and beautiful scenery of the water streets and alleys, while listening to the melodious singing, you can feel the different taste of people sitting in the boat and the boat swimming in the painting.

Along with the festive sound of gongs and drums, dragon and lion dance performances were lively staged at Gongchenmen. The colorful dragons with their heads and tails soared into the air, with the rhythm of the music, sometimes tossing and rolling, sometimes holding their heads high, winning bursts of applause from the onlookers; the vigorous lions jumped up and down, made various forms and movements, and still Stop and interact with the children and act coquettishly, making everyone laugh.

Various cultural performances are shown one after another, including beautiful and elegant cheongsam performances, passionate folk dances, and local customs. The Lu Opera performance, as well as the cool and domineering locomotive performance… Each program is very exciting and attracts people to stop. (Text/Zheng Lina, Wang Lixiao, Shi Faqi, Photography/Xu Yanbin)