The secret you didn’t know about liver biopsy!

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When the doctor tells you that you need a liver biopsy, please don’t worry, because the doctor has fully After assessing your situation and thinking that you need a liver biopsy, the doctor will inform you of the precautions and possible complications. Of course, before the puncture, your signature is required. So today we are going to talk about liver biopsy.

liver biopsy, also known as percutaneous Percutaneous liver biopsy (PLB) is mainly based on the principle of negative pressure suction, using rapid puncture method to extract a small amount of liver tissue from the liver, directly observe the changes in tissue morphology under a microscope, and then combine clinical data to make a diagnosis of liver disease. Liverlivecheck< strong data-brushtype="text">HandsSurgery



2. Unexplained jaundice and extrahepatic biliary obstruction has been excluded;

3. Chronic hepatitis Follow up the condition or judge the curative effect;

4. Suspected diffuse liver disease or systemic disease or extrahepatic disease involving the liver.

02Contraindications< /span>1. Severe jaundice, massive ascites or coagulation dysfunction; 2. Congestive hepatomegaly; 3. The general condition is poor, or there is acute inflammation in the right thoracic cavity and under the diaphragm.

Of course, all the indications and contraindications will be mastered by a doctor, you only need to Just follow the advice.

03What to do before piercing< p>

preoperative blood coagulation test, which determines the size of your bleeding risk; The puncture point, puncture direction and depth are determined by ultrasound examination. Generally, the 8th to 9th intercostal space of the anterior or midaxillary line is selected. Generally speaking, the doctor in the B-ultrasound room will make a mark on your corresponding skin, which is convenient for clinical practice. The doctor operates, so during the period after the B-ultrasound and before the puncture, please do not take a bath, and do not wipe the area marked by the doctor!

It is generally necessary to fast for 4 hours before surgery to reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal reactions.

Liver biopsy can be performed at the bedside of the ward, or in the ultrasound room or interventional department. The doctor will routinely disinfect and lay a towel at the puncture site, and use 1% lidocaine for infiltration anesthesia until the liver capsule (this process will be a little painful, but not too severe, and it can be tolerated by ordinary patients). After that, the doctor will cut the skin of the puncture point, and then push the puncture needle to the liver capsule along the direction of anesthesia, and draw the syringe to negative pressure. At this time, the doctor will instruct you to breathe and hold your breath. While you are doing this breathing, the doctor will Quickly pierce the needle into the liver and pull it out quickly. The depth of the needle is generally 2-2.5cm. If the specimen is taken out, the whole process is basically 1 second, so we sometimes call this method “1 second”. The method of piercing the liver of the bell”. During this process, the tacit understanding between you and the doctor will be tested, so please practice abdominal breathing well and follow the doctor’s command to successfully complete the puncture.

After successful puncture, your liver specimen will be placed in the fixative by the doctor for pathological examination. , of course, you can also send the specimen to a higher-level hospital for examination. After the puncture, the doctor will cover the puncture site with sterile gauze, tie the abdominal belt, and ask you to stay in bed for 24 hours. Of course, the nurse will help you measure your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs at this time.

Common complications include intrahepatic pain, intraperitoneal hematoma or hemorrhage (abdominal hematoma). and biliary hemorrhage), infection, pneumothorax, and mispenetration into other intracapsular organs. So when you have the above discomfort or chest tightness, please inform your doctor in time, please don’t be nervous, the doctor will make targeted treatment for your situation. At the same time, it should be noted that you must choose a regular hospital before liver puncture, which can have better protection.

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