The root cause of a bad business

Text: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

Home is like a happy valley for people, which can carry all dreams and heal all sorrows. People who have a family will never get lost no matter how far they are from home.

Home, maybe not big or luxurious. However, it always has laughter and can give strength and courage to everyone.

Home is a warm harbor and a home for a person. Having a home brings peace of mind. Everyone wants to make their home better and better.

Moroa said: “Without family, in the vast universe, one would shiver with cold.”

However, families also need to run. Many people have a home, but not necessarily happiness and happiness. If a family does not run well, it is inseparable from the family construction of each member.

There are three deep-seated reasons why a family cannot get rich, and the business is always bad.

02. The family is not harmonious and hurts.

The family is not in harmony, always quarrelling, suspicious, and there is no cohesion. Then, the home will be difficult to run well.

In “Thirty Only”, after Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu got married, they always quarreled and couldn’t communicate well.

Chen Yu does not want her mother-in-law to come to the house every day, hoping to have some space and freedom of her own. And Zhong Xiaoqin felt that her mother was here to help and should be grateful to her.

Chen Yu likes to keep fish, but Zhong Xiaoqin does not support it, feeling that he spends more effort on fish than on his wife. Chen Yu was irritable and his work was not going well, but he never told Zhong Xiaoqin about his work.

Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu did not understand each other in the way they got along, which led to constant conflicts. In the end, the family broke up during the quarrel.

A home is built by two people who love each other, and both have responsibilities and obligations to run the family together. If you want to run a family well, you need to keep the family together and avoid quarrels.

In a family, it is necessary to know how to listen to the inner voice of the other person.

Everything has pros and cons. We must learn to stand on the other side’s point of view and think about why he makes such an opinion? And, when thinking about a problem, learn to think deeply and know what the other party’s needs are.

Be less calculating and more understanding with your family.

Family members understand each other and get to know each other, and they will become more harmonious when they get along.

03. Difficulties, Disunity

A family member, if not united, encounters If conflicts and problems are left alone, then the family will be scattered like a plate, and it will not be able to withstand a little storm.

If, at home, no matter what problems they encounter, everyone habitually avoids them, puts the blame on others, and expresses their dissatisfaction recklessly. Emotions.

The home will be filled with hurt, disappointment, and despair.

If family members do not unite and overcome difficulties together, then the family will have no warmth.

Everyone has more concerns, think about each other more, and don’t do things that are not good for the family, so that the family will not face fragmentation .

Home is not a place for judgment, the layout is bigger, and for the sake of the whole family, some grievances may be swallowed, but in the end, it will make everyone in the family live better .

Every family member should know that at home, everyone is a winner and a loser. In this way, we can think more comprehensively and take into account the overall situation, and the family will develop better and better.

04, family style Incorrect

A family with an inappropriate family style will not be able to become rich even if they work hard.

Sheng Hong in “Knowing or Not” did not care about her concubine. Because she was very fond of Lin Xiaoniang, she was allowed to do things wrong. Let Sheng Hong not get along with his wife and ignore other concubines.

Under this kind of indulgence, Lin Xiaoniang did more extreme things, damaged the family’s reputation, and troubled her grandmother time and time again to deal with it.

Because of the wrong family style, the family is not harmonious and full of intrigue.

If the family style is right, the family members have the right character. .If the family style is not right, the values ​​of family members will deviate, and they will do things that are harmful to others. In the end, it must be the family’s interests that pay the bill.

Maintain a good home The wind, educate the children well, and treat the elderly well. Seek truth from facts, do not take shortcuts, and uphold justice to make this family more stable.

Each family member must perform their own duties.

, to restrain greed, and do not do things that hurt family members. They all know their own duties and what kind of responsibilities they have.

Good home Wind, let everyone in the family have a kind and honest heart, and then have a better life.

05. Message from Wen Qiusheng

On the road of life, manage the family well, maintain the relationship between family members, maintain a good family style, and the family will develop more and more it is good.

Lv Jinxi said: “There is strictness in the family education, and the family is safe.”

Home is a very important place for everyone. If you want to run a family well, you must also pay attention to the way and method.

Family members have different personalities and have their own positions and ideas. Don’t use your sharp thorns at family members.

If there is always internal friction among family members, then there is no energy to create more beauty.

Unity and trust are the foundation, and having a good family style can make the family develop smoothly and continuously.

Respect the family rules and be a well-behaved person, and it is easier to be recognized by the society.

Respect family members, unite and love, not selfishness, it is easier to get the warmth of the family and gain more happiness and joy.

Being a wise man in life and managing with heart can create a warmer home.


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