The “real money” lost in summer! It looks inconspicuous, but it can relieve heat and diuretic heat

I still remember the summer when I was a child, when there was no air conditioner, I would put the watermelon into the well for a long time to cool off the heat, and then I ate the watermelon that had been chilled in the well water, and listened to the stories of my grandparents.

Nowadays, watermelon is still cool and refreshing, but grandma can’t eat too much watermelon because of diabetes, so she can only eat some watermelon peel to relieve her cravings.

The Nuan Nuan Classroom:

The sugar content of watermelon is about 4%~7%. Although the sugar content is not high, the glycemic index (GI value) is relatively high, which is 72. People with diabetes should try to eat less or not eat it.

The higher the sugar content in the center of the watermelon, the lower the sugar content at the edge. The white flesh near the skin of the watermelon has low sugar content. People with diabetes can eat the skin of the watermelon appropriately.

As people get older, they are always inappropriate for their health. Many warm fans also have diabetics in their homes. They like watermelon but can’t eat it. They can only chew on the skin of watermelon.

Watermelon rind also has the fragrance of watermelon, and it is actually a “baby”.

In traditional Chinese medicine, watermelon rind is also called “Watermelon Cuiyi”. “Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded it: sweet, cool, non-toxic; it enters the spleen and stomach meridians; it can clear summer heat and relieve heat, quench thirst, Diuretic. More recipes say that it can eliminate prickly heat!

Don’t be discouraged if you can only eat watermelon rind, a piece of watermelon rind can also make delicious food~

Comparing watermelon rinds and cucumbers, are they the same except for the taste? So the dishes that cucumbers can do, watermelon rinds can also do the same.

In this issue of [Gourmet Supply Station], we will give warm fans a gorgeous makeover of leftover watermelon rind at home – cold melon rind.

The red pulp near the edge of the watermelon rind can also be properly reserved, and the taste will be better.

How does it work? More tips and practices are in the article below, warm fans will unlock it soon!

Summer delicious cold watermelon rind

Chicken breast / chili powder / Sichuan pepper noodles / salt

Dispose of watermelon rind: Wash the leftover melon rind, scrape the outer green melon rind with a peeling knife, and cut the remaining melon pulp into strips.

#MasterChefTrick requires pounding the chicken breasts thin until translucent.

Pickling: Sprinkle half a teaspoon of low-sodium salt on the flesh of the melon, mix well, let it stand for 15 minutes to marinate, and then drain off excess water.

Baking is complete: add minced garlic, mature vinegar, sesame oil, chopped green onion, coriander, and white sesame to the melon pulp and mix well~

(Warm taste Guanwei)