The real culprit of liver cirrhosis is inseparable from these 5 factors. If you have it, correct it as soon as possible, the liver will thank you

Liver cirrhosis is a common clinical chronic progressive disease, which is mostly transformed from hepatitis B.

Once cirrhosis is detected, it means that the liver disease has progressed to the end-stage. In this stage, the patient’s liver function has been severely damaged, and it is prone to diffuse liver fibrosis, regenerated pseudolobules and regenerated nodules, etc. .

Patients with liver cirrhosis will develop jaundice, edema, spider nevus and other manifestations in the decompensated stage, and then with the continuous aggravation of the disease, they will eventually develop into liver cancer, which is life-threatening.

So, how does liver cirrhosis cause disease? Finally found the real culprit of liver cirrhosis! Steer clear of the 5 factors for lighter liver health.

1. Regular drinking

Drinking hurts Liver is a well-known common sense. As the largest digestive organ, the liver also has powerful detoxification capabilities.

When alcohol enters the human body, it must be metabolized under the action of the liver. A small amount of alcohol can be metabolized normally for people with normal liver function, but if you drink a lot, too much alcohol will be metabolized into A large amount of ethanol will damage liver cells;

Therefore, it will affect the repair and regeneration of liver cells. In severe cases, it will lead to fibrosis in liver tissue, which will eventually develop into liver cirrhosis.

2. Excessive medication

No matter what Drugs or food, after oral intake into the stomach, must be metabolized by the liver before they can be absorbed. Drugs should not be taken indiscriminately. After all, “it is a drug that is three-point poisonous”. When the body has mild symptoms of discomfort, try to take less medicine as much as possible.

If you take the drug regularly and in a large amount, it is easy to increase the metabolic burden of the liver, disturb the liver tissue, and cause liver dysfunction.

For people with liver function problems, the medication must be taken with caution, and try to take it under the doctor’s advice to avoid further damage to the liver function.

3. There are parasites in the body

Long-term existence of parasites in the body can also cause liver cirrhosis. According to statistics, about 20% of patients with liver cirrhosis have parasites such as schistosomiasis in their bodies.

If the physical examination reveals the existence of parasites in the body, be sure to kill the parasites in time to reduce the occurrence of liver cirrhosis;

If parasites are found in patients with liver cirrhosis, immediate intervention should Timely insecticides can reduce the possibility of malignant transformation of liver cirrhosis; and for people who have not found parasites on their bodies, they should also pay attention to regular oral insecticides.

In addition, it should also be noted that killing parasites in patients with fulminant cirrhosis caused by parasites has no effect. Difficulty of treatment.

4. Hepatitis virus

Liver infection Viruses can also cause liver cirrhosis. The common hepatitis viruses are type A, type B, and type C. Among them, the most important pathogenic virus is hepatitis B virus.

If the hepatitis B virus is not cleared or controlled in time after infection, the further spread of the virus will transform into severe hepatitis, and eventually progress to liver cirrhosis.

5, family inheritance

hepatic cirrhosis There is obvious familial inheritance. For people with a family history, congenital metabolic dysfunction is difficult to improve through postnatal care;

So friends with a family history of liver cirrhosis should pay attention to regular inspections, and timely protect the liver when abnormal liver function is found Protect the liver and take preventive measures to minimize the incidence of the disease.

The real culprit of liver cirrhosis is inseparable from the above 5 factors, we must pay attention to quitting smoking in life Alcohol, develop good habits, ensure adequate intake of nutrients, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, minimize the generation of negative emotions, achieve a combination of work and rest, stay up late, and do not take drugs indiscriminately.