The potential of “other economy” is released, 75% of men favor high-end health products, and there may be a market of 100 billion in the future

[Source: China Business Daily]

Finally, the “middle-aged man” broke the label of “low consumption desire” by himself. This year’s “6.18” consumption report shows that most of the users in’s high-luxury supplement OFLYE “Le Sairui” are between the ages of 36 and 55, and 75% of them are male, accounting for far more than similar competing products in the market. The female-dominated anti-aging market has “suddenly emerged”.

Men’s consumption accounts for 75%

For a long time, the male consumer group has been trapped in the bottom of the cycle of “women > children > the elderly > pets > men” However, as the number of middle-aged and elderly men in my country increases year by year, the consumption of “rich men” for the purpose of health maintenance is rising.

Data shows that OFLYE is rooted in Japan, and it is a high-end health line category under the pillar society of Japan’s original bio-industry. At the same time, improve health and vitality.

Source: Leserui Jingdong Business Intelligence “User Portrait”

With age , the human body gradually becomes old. The macroscopic manifestation is the decline of bodily functions, such as degenerative changes such as memory loss, unresponsiveness, and abnormal hormone secretion; the microscopic manifestation is the reduction of stem cells and the decline of cell function, and cell aging is the basic manifestation of physiological decline and disorder in the period of function decline. Therefore, activation of cells is also one of the leading theories of anti-aging.

Even if the unit price is nearly 20,000, it is still favored by most people in the high net worth circles, just like “the pride of heaven” ”, 75% of the user portraits are male, mainly in the first line of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, of which 21.28% are in Beijing, ranking first, and 60% have a bachelor’s degree or above.

At this point, has seized the “stomach” of middle-aged men and deployed “Internet + medical health”. The official introduction of the above-mentioned supplements is full of forward-looking vision.

“Health, Function and Identity Demonstration”

The accumulation of time to a certain extent will cause the continuous decline of human body functions, such as decreased resistance, Fatigue, lack of energy, all kinds of diseases, until death, and 40 years old is the “watershed” of bodily functions.

Professor at Harvard Medical School and a leading expert in the field of anti-aging 10 years younger than actual.

Different from women who pay more attention to “skin care and beauty”, men prefer “health, function and identity.” According to Maslow’s theory of consumer demand, the improvement of economic ability will also increase the demand of men in terms of social interaction and self-realization. They will show themselves by buying high-end suits, expensive health care and luxury cars, and use this as a kind of success. symbols of.

“Forbes” magazine selected the world’s 50 most valuable brands, and the “male-only” brands unexpectedly accounted for There are nearly 10 places, and there are as many as 32 other brands whose main consumer groups are men. In fact, labels such as “low consumption frequency” and “single consumer goods” for men are being torn down one by one. In more vertical self-demand, men are often willing to pay more than women. The legend that men have the lowest commercial value seems to be self-defeating.

The “money scene” of the market is vast

In fact, today’s men’s anti-aging potential is being gradually released. According to a research report released by CITIC Securities, the health category supported by high-net-worth middle-aged men will increase the market size by 30.4 billion for every 1% of the consumer population covered. Among the over 300 million middle-aged men in my country, 32.3% of them are men with high consumption (a single consumption amount exceeds 1,000 yuan), and this number is still increasing.

Under the huge consumer market, men contributed a more considerable “return rate”. When shopping for items, male consumers tend to spend less time, more purpose, and more brand loyalty. The above-mentioned high-luxury reagent Le Sairui, the customer single product is equivalent to a LV bag, but there are still many “many men” who repurchase. Once a brand is concerned and recognized, men’s duration and loyalty far exceed women’s.

According to CB Insights research, in 2014, the investment in the anti-aging field was only 100 million US dollars. On Wall Street alone, more than 200 rich people have invested in this field, with a scale of more than 700 billion. Old age anxiety is not only spreading among ordinary high-net-worth individuals, it seems to be more prevalent among the ultra-rich.

Nowadays, in the face of the rising 300 million middle-aged men, a big wave of dividends is on the way.

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