The post-96 girl’s second child is confinement, and the confinement meal has become popular on the Internet. Netizens: It will not be a diet meal

Introduction: Post-96 girls have confinement for their second child, and confinement meals are popular on the Internet. Netizens: It won’t be a diet meal.

For women, confinement This is really very important, because after giving birth to a child, our body will be in a state of deficient nutrition, and we need to nourish and adjust our body during confinement. I believe you will find that many people around you eat very rich and nutritious food during confinement, and even gain weight after confinement.

But there is a post-96 girl who has already given birth to her second child. After confinement, her figure recovered very quickly. Many people are wondering why she can lose weight so fast? After seeing the confinement meal she posted, people have to admire, where is this confinement meal, isn’t it a diet meal?

First of all, we can see that the girl posted the breakfast she ate, mainly a glass of milk, then three pieces of babe pumpkin, sliced ​​yams, eggs, and a small sausage , It can be said that this breakfast is still very nutritious, rich in protein, and supplemented with carbohydrates, full of energy, and not particularly high in fat, so there is no need to worry about gaining weight.

Then this meal is also breakfast. She posted two bowls, one with milk, and the other with purple potato yam cake on a plate. In fact, this cake is quite delicious. Yes, and there is basically no oil, and it will not gain weight at all. The purple potato and yam are steamed and then chopped into mud. First spread the yam on the bottom, and then spread the purple potato on top of the yam. The appearance is high and very good. Eat, if you think the taste is not very sweet, you can also sprinkle honey.

This girl has a very rich variety for breakfast. For example, the following meal is purple potato oatmeal milkshake and waffles. The waffles are softer and less oily, so they taste good Light, purple potato oatmeal milkshake is very filling and rich in protein and vitamins.

We also need to supplement the body with vitamins during confinement, so when eating confinement meals, remember to prepare more fruits with relatively high vitamins, such as dragon fruit or small tomatoes. Fruits are good. The following is her own fruit snack, which looks very good-looking and tastes very delicious. If you choose fruit as a snack, it is recommended that you do not eat fruit with high sugar content, low-sugar fruit will be better , can maintain blood sugar, not easy to gain weight.

The confinement meal must be nutritious and balanced, and this girl’s lunch is also very good. She has prepared a bowl of millet porridge, which is very good for nourishing the stomach and is very suitable for those with weak stomachs. people. Then I prepared two bean paste buns, half a corn can be used as a staple food to fill our stomachs, and there is lean meat in a plate of vegetables on the side, which looks quite healthy. But this meal seems to have a little too much. You can choose one of corn and bean paste. Generally, you don’t need so many staples, otherwise you will easily gain weight.

Two dishes and one soup can be said to be very suitable for one person to eat. During lunch, you can learnThe girl prepares a bowl of rice, then prepares a plate of green vegetables, and stir-fries a plate of meat with celery or other vegetables. In this way, vitamins and proteins can be supplemented to make the body’s nutrition more balanced. In addition, a bowl of soup, Ejiao can also be prepared. The red date soup is very good, it can replenish qi and blood.

Tomato scrambled eggs is a very classic family delicacy. It can be eaten either during confinement or in normal times. Moreover, scrambled eggs with tomatoes are low in calories, balanced in nutrition, rich in vitamins and protein, and taste very good. , so you can eat more if you are confinement. The lunch that this girl posted is quite delicious, like below, he prepared three dishes and one soup, green vegetables and red and yellow tomato scrambled eggs, which looked particularly appetizing, plus the stewed ribs to supplement protein, Very healthy and delicious.

If it’s dinner, be careful not to eat too greasy, so you can learn from this girl to prepare a bowl of millet porridge and a plate of boiled broccoli, which is simple and nutritious. Boiled eggs dipped in soy sauce tastes more delicious, so it is very suitable for people with a light diet, it does not look greasy at all, it really looks like a diet meal!

In the evening, I have to have a lighter meal. In addition to drinking millet porridge, I can also prepare white fungus soup. For example, this girl in 1996 prepared a plate of red heart pitaya and a bowl of boiled white fungus for dinner. Soup looks very bland. The sweet dragon fruit can also supplement vitamins and promote defecation, which is very suitable for mothers who have constipation during confinement.

Don’t eat big fish and meat during confinement, because we have just given birth to a baby at this time. If we eat too much oil, our body will not be able to bear it, and it is difficult for us to gain weight quickly during pregnancy. Lose weight, eat light, but at the same time be nutritious, so that you can speed up your metabolism and restore your body quickly.

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